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Get inspired by hunters who push themselves to new limits on these epic hunt stories.

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Guides & Game – Top Shelf Outfitters

Joe Surprenant with Top Shelf Outfitters specializes in trophy age-class Coues and mule deer hunts in Sonora Mexico.

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Guides & Game – Justin Jenson

Justin Jenson specializes in whitetail habitat development and guiding hunts in his home state of Wisconsin.

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Bowhunting Giant Alaskan Brown Bear

Go along with Brendan Burns and Lance Kronberger to the Alaskan Peninsula as they battle the elements and a ticking clock in pursuit of a singular goal. 

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Film: Footsteps of Giants - Alaskan Brown Bear Hunting Video

Watch KUIU’s Brendan Burns embark on a lifelong dream of bowhunting brown bear in Alaska. See how a 12-yard shot turns into a four-yard encounter.

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Back to the Rock - Alaska Mountain Goat Film

When it comes to mountain goat hunting, Kodiak Island, Alaska is next level. Watch as KUIU’s Justin Shaffer hunts the Rock on a late-season winter mountain goat hunt.

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In Any Element, We're Here to Hunt.

No matter what the hunt throws you, here's to the hard core women hunters out there getting it done.

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Waiting Game - Alaskan Musk Ox

Join KUIU's Kevin Wilkerson on Musk Ox hunt where unpredictable weather and travel limitations define this hunt for an ancient animal that survived the Ice Age.

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Pinnacle: Marco Polo in Kyrgyzstan

Watch as KUIU’s Justin Shaffer travels to Kyrgyzstan to hunt one of the most famed sheep species in the world, the Hume Argali.

Veteran Gold Star Pronghorn Antelope Hunt

KUIU and some amazing sponsors teamed up with Three Rangers Foundation and Whitaker Brothers Hunting Company to hunt with a Gold Star family member.

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Here to Hunt

We're here for the hard way. Mile after mile, with weather at its worst. We're Here To Hunt.

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Don't Wait: In memory of Jason Hairston

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Impossible Until it’s Not - Bowhunting Pronghorn Antelope

Watch as KUIU’s Kevin Wilkey sets out to spot-and-stalk archery hunt pronghorn antelope in the Nevada desert.

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Make It Worth It

It’s Elk Season. Make it worth it. Your plans are laid and the pack is ready, now’s the time to prove your mettle.

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Guides & Game - Nathan Theriault

Nathan Theriault specializes in guiding moose and bear hunts in the northern woods of Maine.

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Guides & Game - E.J. Varos

E.J. is a highly respected wildlife biologist, specializing in mule deer and whitetail deer management.

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Guides & Game – Jim Breck Bean

Jim specializes guiding desert bighorn sheep, aoudad, and mule deer hunting in the Trans-Pecos Region of West Texas.

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Veteran/Gold Star Family Appreciation Hunt

KUIU partnered with the Three Rangers Foundation and Whittaker Brother Hunting Company to provide a Veteran and Gold Star family members with an all-inclusive hunt to thank them for their service.

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Grizzly - The Longest Day

Pursuing Grizzlies is generally known for long periods of boredom followed by short bursts of excitement. This hunt lacked the boredom.

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Film: These Abiding Gifts

Jason and his father Mike set out to hunt moose with their longbows in the Yukon Territory

Guide Interview With Stephanie Lough

STEFANIE LOUGH LOCATION:  Ponoka, Alberta GAME TYPE:  Sheep, Caribou, Moose, Bear

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Mike Hairston: Traditional Bowhunter, Father, and Conservationist

Mike Hairston is the father of the late Jason Hairston. He is a traditional bowhunter with a passion for pursuing game with stick and string.

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Film: I Can and I Will

To some, hunting is a weekend adventure; something you do to pass the cold winter months. To others, it is a passion, maybe a lifestyle. To Zane Foust, and others like him, it's an escape.

Chasing the Slam: Desert Bighorn Sheep Hunt

Read about Justin Shaffer’s lifelong dream of hunting Desert Bighorn Sheep and being the first to do it in Valo Camo.

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Film: Spring Bear Hunt

Spring bear is a great time time of year to get out, burn off some winter fat, test next fall’s hunting gear, and help out the local ungulate population.

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Film: Why We Hunt - Mike Hairston

Mike Hairston started hunting as a boy, teaching himself to shoot a traditional bow in the hills near his childhood home in Southern California.

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Bow Hunting Elk in Montana

KUIU's founder Jason Hairston travels to Montana's Climbing Arrow Ranch to hunt elk.

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Second Chance

Pedro travels with his dad to the Yukon to take a second shot at hunting moose - their previous trip was unsuccessful. Father and son hunt with rifles and bows, and have the experience of a lifetime.

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Testing Kuiu In The Cold North

KUIU's Brendan Burns travels to remote Western Alaska to hunt Musk Ox with KUIU customers Justin Shaffer, Lee Daniels and Donnie Ramey.

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Riding In Ashes

Brendan travels to Patagonia to hunt Red Stag in the Andes with Argentina Outfitters.

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Mountain Soul

KUIU’s founder, Jason Hairston, dedicated his life, livelihood, and brand to mountain hunting. In this Blood Origins documentary portrait, Jason reveals his ethos of hunting.

Dream Big: Montana Bighorn Sheep Hunting

After 25 years of applying for a Bighorn Sheep tag, KUIU’s Brendan Burns sets out to fulfill a dream in the toughest country of Montana.

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Into the Sun: Dall Sheep in the Yukon

On this hunt, Greg McHale treks through thick brush and past glaciers to locate a band of rams living in nearly inhospitable terrain. Can he connect on a ram he's watched for four years?

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Film: Nahanni Butte - the Last Hunt

KUIU's Jason Hairston and Brendan Burns travel to the Northwest Territories to hunt Dall Sheep with Nahanni Butte Outfitters.

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Every Year: Alaska Moose Hunt

Join longtime hunting buddies Brendan Burns and Lance Kronberger on a short notice, end of the season archery moose hunt in remote Alaska.

Guide Interview With Jake Franklin

JAKE FRANKLIN LOCATION:  Angelus Oaks, CA GAME TYPE:  Desert Sheep, Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep, Tule Elk, American Elk, And Mule Deer

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Guides & Game - Whitaker Brothers

The Whitaker Brothers Guiding Company is a family-run operation that strives to provide the best fair-chase hunting experiences in the West.

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Guides & Game - Nelson Outfitters

Steve Nelson from Sheridan, Wyoming continues a Third-Generation family legacy of running and operating an outfitting business.

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