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Film: Footsteps of Giants - Alaskan Brown Bear Hunting Video

Long before the digital age, stories conveyed through books, photos, and grainy films inspired young bowhunters to look beyond what was imaginable. Fred Bear is widely considered the father of modern-day bowhunting, and the footage of his pursuit of brown bear in 1960’s Kodiak Country is the predecessor to all adventure hunting films. Fred’s pursuits with archery tackle in places bowhunters had only heard of, for animals, no one had ever hunted with stick and string, inspired an entire generation of iconic bowhunters. A few names that carry weight based on accomplishment and skill are Jack Frost, Chuck Adams, Bart Schleyer, Jimmie Ryan, Jack Brittingham, Randy Ulmer, Bob Fromme, Randy Liljenquist, Monte Browning, and Bob Speegle. Some you may have heard of, the others you should look into. They all share a common bond as lineal bowhunting descendants of Fred Bear and Adventure. Each was drawn to the far north for an encounter with Ursus Artos. Be inspired by history...

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