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Our Story

KUIU is obsessed with engineering the world's most innovative performance hunting gear. Our founder, Jason Hairston, had a vision for hunting gear that pushed the boundaries of performance, ultralight weight, and technology development. KUIU lives that vision every day with our customers and employees.

Our Founder

Jason Hairston’s inspiration for starting KUIU was deeply rooted in a lifelong passion for hunting. Learn how he built KUIU in his own words.

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Can You Tell Me About Jason?

KUIU was built by a tenacious leader, business man, husband, father, and son. We're honored to share Mike Hairston's personal feelings, reflections, and memories about his late son and KUIU founder, Jason Hairston.

Our Founder's Vision: Told By Some of His Closest Friends

July 17th marks the birthday of KUIU's founder, Jason Hairston. In his honor, we're celebrating our inaugural Founder's Week. We’ll be taking this week to remember Jason, celebrate his legacy, and reflect with the KUIU Nation on where the soul of our company came from.

CTE Discussion With Kirstyn Hairston

In 2018, we lost our founder, Jason Hairston, to Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) that stemmed from his college and professional football career.

Never is Our Plan

During a recent comb through of reviews from our Guides and Outfitters program, we noticed a golden thread in their feedback--the word “never.”

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Not All Camo Is KUIU

As a for hunters-by-hunters brand, we know how serious buying the right gear the first time can be. We’ve put together a handful of considerations when searching for high-quality gear for high-stakes hunts.

Our Technology

To solve the challenges hunters face in the field, KUIU is relentless in sourcing the most innovative fabrics and materials for our gear.

Conservation Direct

Entirely company and customer funded, every dollar invested goes toward a tangible conservation project that contributors and volunteers can see.

Ultralight Tour

The Ultralight Tour Team is excited to hit the road again in 2024. Each rig is outfitted with samples and a full size run of our most popular styles and newest innovations, so that you get the opportunity to see the gear in person, try it on, and place an order with one of our gear specialists.

Veteran Non-Profit Partners

KUIU is proud to give back & support those who serve this great country and our communities. Learn more about the non-profit veterans' groups we support.

Veterans Serve Communities After Disaster

Team Rubicon serves the underserved by uniting the skills and experience of military veterans with first responders. Join KUIU and support Team Rubicon.

Second-Annual Gold Star Peak Climb

Read about how we teamed up with The Three Rangers and Gold Star Peak Foundation to honor seven of our Nation’s fallen heroes on the second-annual Gold Star Peak Climb.

Inner Circle Rewards

The Inner Circle program rewards KUIU customers with points, exclusive offers, and early access to new products.

KUIU’s Top 49 Best Hunting Gifts for Holidays

If you’re looking for the best gifts for hunters in your life, we’ve curated our absolute best hunting products in this list of top gift ideas.

Giving Back – Veteran & Gold Star Hunt Recap 

In 2023, KUIU and industry partners hosted six different hunts honoring both Veterans and Gold Star family members alike. These are their stories. 

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