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Never is Our Plan

Never is Our Plan

Tested and Proven

There’s an employees only door at the back of our Dixon Showroom. Behind it is a quick hallway that walks you by a few offices, a couple of conference rooms, the product photography studio and lands you in the customer service department. Turn 180 degrees and you’ll see a floor-to-ceiling wall decal of our core beliefs: hunter first, integrity, courage, and innovation. The KUIU definition of innovation: “A relentless pursuit of what’s never been done.”

In the 10-plus years we’ve been around, customers, partners, guides, DIY and expedition hunters from every corner of the world’s hunting fields have shot us calls, comments, emails, DMs and postage stamped letters in the hundreds of thousands. Each a unique terrain, territory, species and season specific compliment, criticism or thank you. Each checked and recorded. And as a direct-to-consumer maker of premium hunting gear, endorsements and word of mouth recommendations are among our most valuable resources.

During a recent comb through of reviews from our Guides and Outfitters program, the men and women who don’t just spend most days using, relying and beating on their gear, but those who feed their families and pay the bills with hunting, we noticed a golden thread in their feedback. The word “never.”

If a rising tide lifts all boats, man is it obvious in the hunting business. In an increasingly competitive industry, where technical hunting gear and equipment have only gotten better and better while the challenges of actually hunting are getting harder, we’ve not only kept on with our beliefs, but found that being great alone is flat-out not enough.

When professional guides, outfitters and hunters with huge investments of time and money tell us they were “never wet,” “never cold,” “never lighter,” “never let down” or that they “never lost focus” during hard hunts, we don’t just take it as a list of postseason attaboys, but as proof points that the success and support of our hunters don’t only show up as protection from the elements, but are proven through the pursuit and practice of the sport in whole.

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