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Our Founder's Vision: Told By Some Of His Closest Friends

Our Founder's Vision: Told By Some Of His Closest Friends

This Week is dedicated to KUIU Founder, Jason Hairston

July 17th marks the birthday of KUIU's founder, Jason Hairston. In his honor, we're celebrating our annual Founder's Week. We’ll be taking this week to remember Jason, celebrate his legacy, and reflect with the KUIU Nation on where the soul of our company came from.

Jason impacted many people in positive ways, reshaped the hunting industry, and changed the way we all look at hunting gear. To kick off Founder's Week, we asked a few of Jason’s closest friends how he impacted the hunting industry and influenced them through his work and hunting—read on for their replies.

“Those are the times Jason was totally at peace and in his element. That is when his creative side would kick into overdrive and he would start the process of developing the gear that we all love and use today. Those are the times I am thankful for, the friendship we shared. It’s not always about where you go or what you’re hunting, but who you’re sharing those experiences with.”

Lance Kronberger
Master Guide
Freelance Outdoor Adventures

“The core of his belief was based on developing products driven by true consumer demand and with a closer connection to the customer. He wanted to know and interact with every single person that believed in KUIU’s vision and products. If you ever met Jason, he considered you a friend. He gave unprecedented access behind the scenes in design and development. Nothing was a secret. He wanted to educate and inform, believing the smarter the customer, the faster they would respond to truly innovative products built just for them...

“He was hands-on and enjoyed the process as much as he loved to solve problems hunters face. The goal and sole focus were, and always will be, to create superior products at the best value. His work ethic was nothing short of amazing. His competitive nature to never quit fighting during adversity, good enough was never acceptable. He inspired and helped an uncountable number of people achieve their own dreams in both business and hunting...

“As a hunter, his passion for the m”ountains was contagious. He enjoyed everything that went into Mountain hunting. The preparation, training, camaraderie, bad weather, success, and the failure. He used every experience to fine-tune and deliver better products and information, and most importantly he had a great time doing it...

“Jason’s spirit and passion for relentless innovation live on in everything KUIU. These are the principles that guide us today and will continue to shape KUIU going forward.”

Brendan Burns

“And his love for sheep hunting was obvious, he was hooked. He was humble, smart, had energy to burn, and it was easy to be around him. I think of the hunt we did often and the times at the shows. He always had time for me, even when he was at his busiest, a true friend.”

Al Klassen
Guide and Jason's Friend

Always when I was around him, people would be constantly coming up to him and I witnessed the same behavior from him every time. He always stopped shook their hand, asked their name, listened to their story and showed the true nature of his character and spirit...

Jason’s constant pursuit of pushing innovation in new gear with KUIU and enthusiastic spirit and is what drew all of us to the brand. He is missed by many people all around the world but never forgotten

Jay Scott
Jay Scott Outdoors, Freelance Outdoor Adventures

Everything he learned from competing at the highest level in football he applied to the business, which was the incredible force that made KUIU what it is today.

Bruce Pettet
President & CEO
Leupold and Steven Inc

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