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Bowhunting Giant Alaskan Brown Bear

Pursuing the world’s largest land predator with a bow is quite possibly the pinnacle of big game hunting in North America. Few get the opportunity and even fewer are successful. Giant Brown bears taken cleanly with an arrow are rare. One trip to the unforgiving Alaskan Peninsula is usually enough to satisfy the thirst for adventure, harsh weather, and isolation. Very few hunters ever return for a second go around.

So why go back? 

Because greatest achievements come through the most adversity. It is the challenges that seem impossible that produce the most satisfaction. When the odds are stacked against you, success is the most appreciated.

You don’t hunt dangerous bears with a bow because you have to, you do it because you have a deep appreciation for everything that comes with the challenge. The toughest aspects of hunting Ursus Arctos are the greatest part of the experience.

Go along with Brendan Burns and Lance Kronberger to the Alaskan Peninsula as they battle the elements and a ticking clock in pursuit of a singular goal.

How do you follow up a once-in-a-lifetime hunt? By Raising the Bar…

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