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Film: the Longest Day - Alaskan Grizzly Bear Hunting Video

Pursuing Grizzlies is generally known for long periods of boredom followed by short bursts of excitement. This hunt lacked the boredom. The bugs were fierce, the bears were plentiful, and the action was fast. Sometimes you’re just in the right place, at the right time, with the right people—this was one of those days.

KUIU Customer Will Waldrip has a passion for adventure hunting and being in wild places. When his son Willie became old enough to participate in a hunt of this caliber, Will was glad to pass on his love of hunting in one of the most remote areas in North America.

Outfitter, Lance Kronberger and Will invited KUIU’s Chief Hunting Officer, Brendan Burns along to share camp, with the potential to bow hunt a bear if and after Willie was successful. What transpired was an incredible 36-hours in grizzly country, a front row seat to a special relationship between a father and son, a rite-of-passage for a fine young man, and renewed friendships forged in the Alaskan wilderness.

Grizzly Bear hunting is not for everyone. Whether you’re interested in chasing Ursus Artos Horribilis, or not, management of grizzly bears is essential to the overall health of the Alaskan ecosystem. Due to high grizzly populations, some of these areas have seen a drastic decline in the moose population to nearly unrecoverable numbers. Calf recruitment has dipped so low, that long term population forecasts are bleak at best. Less than 10 calves per 100 cows survive to their first fall in some areas—these numbers are unsustainable. Moose hunting in some of these areas has become highly restricted and the Alaska Department of Fish and Game have implemented predator management programs to help these moose populations.

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