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Impossible Until it’s Not - Bowhunting Pronghorn Antelope

After multiple failed attempts, I knew that I had to find antelope in stalkable territory. Leaving the lush feed, water sources, and cattle country, I set out to try them in the rolling hills of sage and cedars. With fewer antelope to hunt and miles of country covered, I started to feel my chances dwindling, but I wasn’t giving up.

On the evening of the last day I could hunt, my new friend, Ethan Wetmore teamed up with my loyal cameraman, Jeff Shanor, and I for moral support and to show us a different area. On the ride there, I spotted a nice lone buck feeding on the backbone of a ridge littered with dead cedar trees. At this point, I was more than a dozen deep on blown stalks and I didn’t care if we were able to film it—I was there to hunt, not make a film. Leaving Ethan and Jeff behind, this was my last opportunity to make it happen.

Out of sight, I circled above the buck, and slowly picked my way through the downed cedars towards him. Just as I thought I was getting close enough to see him; he bolted. He didn’t see me, but I undoubtedly spooked him. He trotted broadside below me, and I quickly moved parallel alongside him. With his head looking forward, I could tell he wasn’t that alarmed, and he was going to stop and try to see what spooked him.

Pronghorn Antelope Hunting Gear List

Bowhunting set-up for Spot-and-Stalk Archery Pronghorn Antelope

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