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3 Hunters in Valo Camouflage on the Veteran Gold Star Family Appreciation Pronghorn Hunt

Veteran Gold Star Pronghorn Antelope Hunt

On October 2022, KUIU held its 2nd Annual Veteran and Gold Star Family Hunt in Southern Colorado.

Once again, KUIU partnered up with the Three Rangers Foundation and the Whitaker Brothers Hunting Company to provide a Gold Star family member with an all-inclusive hunt to thank and honor them for their sacrifice to this great nation.

The idea of this type of charity event is nothing new, but it came about simply as another way for KUIU to give back to our Veteran and Gold Star family community. It’s also a fantastic opportunity for us to highlight one of the many outstanding outfitters and non-profit organizations that we work with on a regular basis.

This year’s honoree was William Fernandez from North Carolina who was hunting in honor of his father MSG George A Fernandez.

The event was held over three days in Trinidad, Colorado on the Hidden Mesa Ranch. Will hunted antelope spot-and-stalk style personally guided by Jason Whitaker and Eric Schlukebir. He took a great buck on day one of the hunt and spent the rest of the time fishing and sightseeing on UTV around the ranch.

Timing for this hunt each year coincidentally falls on the anniversary of the Battle of Mogadishu in which the Three Rangers Foundation was founded on.

KUIU would like to recognize all the generous sponsors who stepped up to support this year’s event. Leupold Optics, Bergara Rifles, GOAT Knives, MDT, and Nevada Taxidermy – thank you all for your generosity. 


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