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Mountain Soul

Today the hunting industry sits at a critical juncture. A critical time in our journey to really stand up and showcase the true heart of a hunter. That demonstration of that true heart is lacking across the mainstream platforms that society is engaged in on a daily basis. The Blood Origins project is a vehicle to illustrate a hunters true heart. By producing exceptional story telling, seated in a meaningful manner, we depict what a hunter is, what we stand for, and the values that we hold true. The Blood Origins project was not created for hunters, but rather for the non-hunter to truly understand the meaning behind why someone chooses to hunt. Our stories in Season 2 span the globe from where the stories originated from, they touch on the adventure of hunting, how hunting is who they are, and goes as far to demonstrate that when hunting is explained, and lived out in action, how it can impact a non-hunters perspective on what hunting actually is. There are those among us that purposefully seek out adventure. Purposefully seek out a test of mind, spirit, and body. That is Jason Hairston. You may know him as a leading force behind mountain hunting as the CEO and Founder of KUIU, but you may not know why he has dedicated his life, his livelihood, and his brand to mountain hunting. To Jason, hunting brings him as close to the ultimate challenge as possible. An ethos of hunting that was buried in his DNA by his Dad, character traits formed as a young child with a traditional bow, and now is being fulfilled in places where few humans dare to travel, and being perpetuated in how he is investing this love into his son.


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