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Film: These Abiding Gifts

Jason Hairston and his dad Mike have spent a lifetime cultivating both their relationship and their longbow practice. Jason spent his youth learning from Mike to hunt, shoot, and make arrows. That upbringing helped him found a company dedicated to this passion. Now, Jason has gifted Mike with a chance to fulfill a dream fifty years in the making, in a trip to the Yukon Territories. Together they hunt moose with traditional wooden longbows, and take the time to share the gifts of a strong relationship, shared interests, and lifelong skills. This documentary shows a side of hunting rarely shown--a quiet, beautiful, emotional journey into pristine wilderness, with people who care deeply about both each other and their pastime. Shot over a period of ten days, with the stunning backdrop of the Mackenzie Mountains, These Abiding Gifts is the story of the deeply meaningful adventure of a father and son.

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