Brendan Burns' Alaska Moose Hunting Gear List
Brendan Burns' Alaska Moose Hunting Gear List

Brendan Burns' Alaska Moose Hunting Gear List

Below is my gear choice for a late-season moose hunt. The dates were 24-30 of September. Temps were from a high of 50 to a low of 15 and could have been much colder depending on the year. You could encounter just about everything this time of year in the far north, so you should pack accordingly.

The hunt was done out of base camps which really means long day hunts. We were hiking 2-15 miles per day but also spent a ton of time glassing. This hunt is about using your system to be comfortable while hiking and bringing enough to stay warm through extended glassing sessions in cold conditions. Moose hunting requires quite a bit of extra kit when processing a moose and a larger capacity pack when you are successful.

On these type of hunts you should plan for the worst weather (cold, snow, heavy rain, and high wind) you could encounter. Travel and logistics are nearly always dictated by the weather so extra days stuck in camp are often the norm.

For those curious on the numbers, this old bull was just a hair over 59 ½ wide with a large amount of mass and good palm length. He green scored 216. I shot this moose with a Hoyt Carbon RX4 at 70 pounds shooting a 495-grain arrow at 284 FPS with a 175grain Valkrie broadhead.

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Brendan Burns Alaska Moose Hunting Gear List



Headwear and Gloves

In My Pack



  • First aid kit
  • Toothbrush and paste
  • Chapstick
  • Vitamins and Pain Reliever
  • Lighter and fire starter
  • Ear plugs
  • 15 feet cord
  • Sunglasses