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Gear Lists

KUIU is a full-stack hunting brand that wants to make sure every hunter has the right gear for their once-in-a-lifetime hunt. Our team, partners, and guides spend countless hours in the field testing and building the right kits for specific hunts. The hunting gear lists are specific for targeted animal and expected weather conditions, giving you information on what gear to choose, for the most crucial hunting expeditions.

Hunter in Valo Camouflage looking through binoculares while faced away from the camera

Aoudad Barbary Sheep Hunting Gear List

Explore the hunting gear list and insights for hunting Aoudad Barbary Sheep in West Texas, New Mexico, and Mexico.

Back of Pro LT 5500 in Phantom Grey Color with Lid Removed Next to Tent on Spring Bear Hunt

Spring Black Bear Gear List

See KUIU’s Kevin Wilkerson’s gear list for hunting spring black bears in his home state of Wyoming and Idaho.

Brendan Burns Kneeling in Tall Grass with Giant Brown Bear in Background

Brendan Burns' Alaska Brown Bear Gear List

See the list of gear KUIU’s Brendan Burns used to fulfill a lifelong dream of bowhunting brown bear in Alaska.

AJ Kissel wearing Valo camouflage as he drags a mature whitetail buck through the creek

AJ Kissel Whitetail Gear List

Wisconsin native, AJ Kissel breaks down his whitetail deer hunting gear list for his typical November treestand archery hunts.

Brendan Burns silhouetted against the distant mountain side while glassing for Stone Sheep

Yukon Stone Sheep Hunting Gear List

See the layering system and hunting gear Brendan Burns takes on a 10-day unsupported backpack hunt for Stone Sheep in the Yukon.

Bull elk with water-saoked fur standing skylined in the rain

Wyoming Archery Elk Hunting Gear List

Learn how to tailor your approach for packing in on horseback for back-country elk hunting.   

Hunter in valo camouflage standing in a tree stand using his rangefinder to determine his distance to target

Justin Shaffer’s Whitetail Deer Hunting Gear List

Built without compromise, explore a proven deer hunting layering system that will enable you to hunt longer during your Whitetail hunts. 

Allen Bolen in Verde camouflage with his record book stone sheep harvested with his bow in the Yukon

Allen Bolen’s Dall Sheep And Caribou Hunting Gear List

Everything from his skin-to-shell layering system to his first aid kit, here’s the list of gear that’s going on Allen Bolen’s Sheep and Caribou Hunt in the Far North.

Side of Kevin Wilkey Packing Out His Archery Pronghorn in Sage Flat

Pronghorn Antelope Hunting: Tips & Gear List

In this article, you'll find factors that go into choosing a good antelope hunting gear list that will help you cover a lot of ground and hunt all day long.

Brendan kneeling on the ground next to his pack as he details what gear he brought for the Grizzly hunt
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Brendan's AK Grizzly Pack Dump

Brendan Burns shows what’s in his pack and how he organizes his gear for a multi-day archery grizzly bear hunt in Unalakleet, Alaska.

Brendan Burns in Verde Camouflage Emptying His Pack to Show Gear for 1-3 Day Hunt
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1-to-3-day Backpack Hunting Gear List

Keeping it ultralight and mobile, KUIU’s Brendan Burns goes over everything he needs to stay one-to-three days in the high country.

Justin Shaffer in Vias camouflage with one of his Dall Sheep rams harvested with archery equipment

Alaskan Dall Sheep Hunting Success and Gear List

Read on to get Dall Sheep hunting insight from KUIU’s Guide and Outfitter Director, Justin Shaffer.

Greg Mchale in Vias camouflage going through all of the gear in his pack for the hunt
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What's in my Pack? By Greg McHale

See what's used on an unsupported, multi-day Yukon Dall Sheep hunt.

Brendan Burns in Valo camouflage carrying out the cleaned skull of his Alaskan moose uphill and back to the plane

Brendan Burns' Alaska Moose Hunting Gear List

See the list of hunting gear and apparel Brendan Burns used on his late-season Alaska Moose Hunt.

Justin Shaffer in Verde camouflage kneeling behind another of his Dall Sheep that he harvested with his archery equipment

Justin Shaffer's Dall Sheep Hunting Gear List

Learn about the many factors that go into having a successful sheep hunt with tips from sheep hunting expert, Justin Shaffer, at KUIU.

Justin Shaffer in Valo Camouflage glassing desert bighorn sheep in Mexico while seated next to cactus

Mexico Desert Bighorn Sheep Gear List

See the hunting gear list Justin Shaffer used for his 2022 Desert Bighorn Sheep hunt in Mexico.

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