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Wyoming Archery Elk Hunting Gear List

Wyoming Archery Elk Hunting Gear List

by Kevin Wilkerson

Whether it’s backpacking into a basin with an extreme vertical climb, or utilizing horses to reach your destination, it’s always important to be aware of the weight and gear you’re taking on a back-country elk hunt.

This September elk season, my hunting partner and I are switching it up and packing in on horseback. This opens more possibilities for our pack lists, but we’re only bringing a couple pack horses, so keeping overall gear weight to a minimum is still key. We need room to haul out two bull elk at the end of the week.

Normally, I’m accustomed to packing in all my gear and essentials with either a PRO 6000 or PRO 7800 hunting frame pack system. Their purpose-built design and ample size allow me to neatly pack my sleep system, layering system, weapon, optics, kill kit, and a week’s worth of food.

On this trip, all the gear I am bringing would fit in a PRO 7800 pack, but since we are distributing weight amongst the horse panniers, I’ll use a Taku 5500, Extreema Bags, and various Roll Top Dry Bags for organization.

I’m also swapping out my larger pack bag for the agile and nimble PRO 2300. Its size is perfect for day hunting, and it gives me the load sling mode that opens an extra 2500 cubic inches between the bag and the frame for packing the animal back to camp.

Wyoming Archery Elk Hunting Gear List










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