Do Your Research: Packs
Do Your Research: Packs

Do Your Research: Packs

The Frame

1. Determine torso height for the frame

The Frame

Our patented Carbon Fiber Frame is the weight-bearing backbone of our pack system. It features ultralight Spread Tow carbon fiber technology—built for vertical stiffness, horizontal flex, and ultimate strength.

Our frame is available in three sizes, and each frame has 4” of vertical shoulder strap height adjustment. Select your size of frame and fine-tune the fit with the T-lock and hook-and-loop attachment system.

Use our sizing guide to nail down the perfect fit.

  • Weight: 11 oz
  • Available in three sizes: Regular- 22” | Tall- 24” | Xtra Tall- 26”
  • Modular design, fits any PRO Suspension and PRO Bag
The Suspension

2. Measure waist size for the suspension

The Suspension

Since its introduction, our customers and professional guides and outfitters report being able to haul more weight than before with our previous pack designs. Getting over that 100-pound benchmark is more comfortable than ever with our PRO Suspension system.

The completely redesigned PRO Suspension is available in two waist sizes, both with ample adjustability, ensuring an ergonomic fit. It’s designed to adjust to your exact hip profile and waist size for ultimate comfort.

PRO shoulder straps are wider and softer than previous designs. They also feature a broader stance that’s positioned 2” wider across your back for added stability and comfort—the wider open stance across your back also promotes airflow and ventilation.

  • PRO Suspension is compatible with the KUIU Carbon Fiber Frame
  • (S/M) 34” and under | (L/XL) 34” and over
  • (S/M) 27.6oz | (L/XL) 28.7oz

3A. Choose bag size for hunt duration


Built to last, the PRO bags are spec’d with mountain-proof CORDURA® 550 denier material and heavy-duty YKK #10 zippers. Securing the heaviest hauls, the compression straps are anchored with durable Hypalon webbing. These full-featured bags have ample pocketing for unmatched organization.

The PRO Pack System features a load sling mode that’s built right in. There’s nothing extra to carry. It allows you to separate the bag from the frame, opening an extra 2500 cubic inches of meat-hauling capacity.

PRO sizes: 1850 | 2300 | 3600 | 6000 | 7800

  • 1850 The ideal hunting day pack or for quick trips and minimal gear
  • 2300 Versatile all-day hunting pack for extra clothes or optics
  • 3600 One to three day trips, hunting on horseback or gear intensive day hunts
  • 6000 Geared towards unsupported three to six day trips
  • 7800 The ultimate hunting pack for up to 14-day unsupported hunts

3B. Choose bag size for hunt duration


Light and tough, the PRO LT packs are for the minimalist that counts every ounce and not willing to sacrifice packability. Leveraging high-tenacity CORDURA® 330 denier material, high wear areas feature a unique coating for added durability and waterproof protection.

All load bearing zippers are spec’d with heavy-duty YKK #10 zippers and compression straps are anchored with Hypalon webbing.

PRO LT sizes: 4000 | 5500 | 7000

  • 4000 Versatile for two-three day bivy style hunts, or gear intensive day hunts
  • 5500 Ideal for most three-seven day backpack hunts, with room for packing out meat.
  • 7000 Expanded capacity for 10+ day unsupported hunts.

*All PRO LT bags feature load sling mode and expand 2500 cubic inches between the frame and bag.


KUIU Pro LT Packs - Why We Made It KUIU Pro LT Packs - Why We Made It

KUIU Pro LT Packs - Why We Made It

Light and Tough, the PRO LT line-up of pack bags are ideal for hunters who count every ounce without sacrificing packability, durability, and organization.

Proper Hunting Pack Organization Proper Hunting Pack Organization

Proper Hunting Pack Organization

Having your hunting backpack or day pack organized for proper weight distribution with your least used items at the bottom and frequently used items up top can be game changing—all it takes is a little practice to work out the best places for your gear.

KUIU Carbon Fiber Pack Frame Durability test KUIU Carbon Fiber Pack Frame Durability test

KUIU Carbon Fiber Pack Frame Durability test

Watch as KUIU Founder Jason Hairston puts our Carbon Fiber Pack Frame to a torture test of durability against a pick-up truck.