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Do Your Research: Insulation Types

Not all hunts call for the same game plan

That is why we offer three insulation types to meet your specific needs. Whether your cold-weather pursuit requires steep ascents and descents with an elevated heart rate, or patiently waiting for an opportunity while remaining motionless, understanding the best use case for each insulation type will help you choose the right one.


The weather and conditions are the deciding factor on where you decide to layer your insulation. If it’s cold, dry, and clear, it’s suitable to wear it on the outside. If it’s cold and wet, layer insulation under your rain gear.

We offer two styles of fit among our insulating layers. A mid-layer fit is sized to fit close to your body with minimal layers underneath. An outer-layer fit is sized to fit over base layers and mid layer insulation. For example, if you’re a size large, these combos would layer well together:



If you’re planning on wearing a garment sized with a mid-layer fit over multiple layers or you prefer a roomy fit, consider sizing up one size.


Super Down LT

Ranking as KUIU’s lightest packable down insulation, Super Down LT is designed with a versatile mid-layer fit, making them perfect for layering under rain gear or on their own. Keeping you warm while stationary, these water-resistant and windproof down hunting jackets, vests, and pants for men and women also serve as insulating outer layers when brush-busting durability isn’t required.

PROTECTION: Water-Resistant, Wind-Resistant, Insulated

MATERIAL: 12D Stunner Stretch, 850+ FP Water-Resistant Quixdown

FIT: Mid-layer Fit

CONDITIONS: Cold - (32-45°F / 0-7°C)


Super Down PRO

The Super Down PRO series is the ideal insulating layer when temperatures plunge and during low-level activity—like glassing or sitting in a stand. Super Down PRO is insulated with twice the down as Super Down ULTRA, making it KUIU’s warmest down insulation.

PROTECTION: Water-Resistant, Wind-Resistant, Insulated

MATERIAL: 30D Stunner Stretch Nylon, 850+FP Water-Resistant QuixDown

FIT: Outer Layer Fit

CONDITIONS: Cold to Frigid (45°F / 7°C to Below 32°F / 0°C)




The Kenai series keeps you warm in cold temperatures without overheating. Breathing far better than other insulation layers, Kenai keeps you comfortable during strenuous activity. They’re ideal as a super-warm mid-layer, or as a quiet outer layer during cold dry weather.

PROTECTION: Water-Resistant, Wind-Resistant, Insulated

MATERIAL: 30D Stunner Stretch Nylon, 3DefX+ Synthetic Insulation

FIT: Mid Layer Fit

CONDITIONS: Frigid (Below 32°F / 0°C)




Built for extreme cold, wet, and windy conditions, the Gale Force Jacket and Pant combines a durable, 100% waterproof, seam-taped shell with highly breathable 3DeFX+ synthetic active insulation.

PROTECTION: Waterproof, Windproof, Insulated

MATERIAL: 70D/80D Stretch Nylon 6/6, Entrant Waterproof Membrane, 3DefX+ Synthetic Insulation

FIT: Outer Layer Fit

CONDITIONS: Extreme Cold


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