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Product Innovation

To solve their challenges, KUIU listens to trusted hunters and guides from around the world. We then design and test our gear to stand up to the toughest conditions.

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Summer Catalog

From our technical skin-to-shell layering systems to our ultralight hunting gear, see the latest from KUIU.

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Attack Pant Overview

Learn about our best-selling and most versatile hunting pant. It's the pant to own if you only own one.

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PRO Brush Pant

Learn about the PRO Brush Pant built for extreme terrain and thorny situations.

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Venture Divide 2000 Day Pack

Learn about the features and details on the all-new Venture Divide 2000 cubic inch hunting day pack.

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Venture Divide 3000 Day Pack

Learn about the features and details on the all-new Venture Divide 3000 cubic inch hunting day pack.

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Wind Pro Collection

Engineered as an advanced ultra-quiet fleece to resist more than just the cold, Wind Pro features a tight-knit fabric construction to reduce wind chill, while remaining air permeable.

Tested and Proven: How Problems Lead to Progress

The proper test for our hunt gear is not in the gym, or the lab, but the field. And the unexpected problems out there make all the difference. Read on.

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KUIU Mesa Vented Snap Shirt - Product Overview

Mesa keeps you ventilated, comfortable, and protected on blistering days.

KUIU Women’s Hunting Line-up: Tested and Proven

The goal with our Women’s line was the same as every KUIU project: Create a solution. Read the product testers thoughts on the new gear.

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Women's PRO Suspension

Designed specifically for a woman’s body shape, the Women’s PRO Suspension features optimized shoulder straps and waist belt that comfortably distributes pack weight equally across your shoulders, back, and waist.

The Gear That Gets You There

Whether your upcoming hunt is in your home state or across the world, having the right traveling bag system is critical. The Waypoint duffel solves the issue of having multiple bags and storage boxes when you only need one or two duffels for your trip.

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Women's Attack Pant Overview

Learn about the most versatile, comfortable, and durable pant in our Women’s collection, the midweight Attack Pant.

Game Bag Breakdown

Learn the importance and how to use game bags.

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KUIU PRO Pack System - Why We Made It

Learn about the modular KUIU PRO Pack System for hunting.

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KUIU PRO 2300 Pack Product Overview

The KUIU PRO 2300 Hunting Pack is a versatile all-day hunting pack, perfect for optics-heavy scouting trips and extra hunting gear.

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KUIU PRO 3600 Product Overview

Take an inside-and-out look at the full-featured KUIU PRO 3600 hunting pack.

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KUIU PRO 6000 Hunting Pack Overview

The KUIU PRO 6000 fits a sleep system, optics, food and hunting gear for unsupported multi-day hunts.

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KUIU PRO 7800 Hunting Pack Overview

Take an inside-and-out look at the KUIU PRO 7800 hunting backpack.

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PRO LT Pack Sytem - Why We Made It

Learn about the light and tough, PRO LT hunting packs. They're ideal for hunters who count every ounce.

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Overview - PRO LT 4000

Take an inside-and-out look at the light and tough KUIU PRO LT 4000 hunting pack.

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KUIU PRO LT 5500 Hunting Pack Overview

Take an inside-and-out look at the KUIU PRO LT 5500 hunting backpack.

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KUIU PRO LT 7000 Hunting Pack Overview

Take an inside-and-out look at the KUIU PRO LT 7000 hunting backpack.

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KUIU PRO Pack System Load Sling Mode

Learn to transition into load-sling or meat-hauling mode with the KUIU PRO or PRO LT Hunting Backpacks.

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Changing PRO & PRO LT Bags on KUIU Pack Frame System

Learn how to change out the bags on the KUIU PRO or PRO LT pack systems. With one frame and one suspension, you may simply swap out any one of the five PRO bags or three PRO LT bags for the perfect pack, every time.

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Spread Tow Carbon Fiber

Go Behind The Seams at Chomarat's manufacturing plant in South Carolina to learn how this amazing new carbon fiber is manufactured.

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Pedro Ampuero Review of the Divide 1200 Hunting Day Pack

Watch Pedro Ampuero review the Divide 1200 hunting day pack and explain how it's the best used.

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KUIU Carbon Fiber Pack Frame Durability Test

In response to questions about the durability of the new carbon fiber ULTRA pack frame, KUIU founder Jason Hairston arranges for trial by truck.

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KUIU Divide 1500 Day Pack Overview

Take an inside-and-out look at the KUIU Divide 1500 hunting backpack.

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Stalker 500 PRO Overview

Watch a brief overview of the new Stalker 500 PRO pack which is a dual-purpose stalking pack that is prepacked with the essential gear to keep with you while finalizing your stalk.

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Curious How Well Our Camo Works?

See the effectiveness of KUIU’s Valo hunting camouflage in open rocky terrain with minimal cover. How many hunters can you find?

Ultralight Hunting Tents

Learn about our three-season and four-season backpack hunting tent options. Engineered with external poles and a built-in rainfly, they stay dry in any condition while you pitch them.

Ultralight Hunting Shelters

Learn about our trekking-pole-pitch, single-wall, floorless hunting shelters. They’re ultralight, extremely versatile, and do a fantastic job at keeping you well protected.

3 Best Hunting Socks for Every Condition & 7 Tips for Blister Prevention

In this overview, you’ll learn about our socks, which one is best for your hunt, and tricks-of-the-trade for foot care while hunting in mountain conditions.

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KUIU Pro Pack System: Load Hauler

Learn about the versatility of the Pack Load Hauler accessory and how it fits on the PRO Pack System.

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ULTRA Merino 120 LT

Our lightest layer for your heaviest hunts. The new 120 LT Series answers KUIU’s never-ending challenge of reducing weight, while improving durability and performance.

Which Rain Gear Is Right for You?

Learn about our four types of rain gear to suit every hunter’s needs.

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Why We Made It: Super Down Burner Parka

Learn what makes the Super Down Burner Parka a revolutionary innovation for sub-freezing hunting conditions. Brendan Burns details the hunts that inspired the development, the parka features, and the packability that defines its versatility.

Insulated Pant Comparison

When temperatures drop, and you need extra warmth going between high and low-level activity, or when you’re behind the glass and can’t move a muscle, our zip-off insulated hunting pants are the ticket. Read on to find out which one is best for how you hunt.  

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Kenai Pant Overview

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Super Down Sleeping Bags

Insulated with premium water-resistant Quixdown, our 30°, 15°, & 0° sleeping bags solve the problems that traditional down bags can’t during tough mountain hunting conditions.

PRO Bino System Overview

Whether you’re archery or rifle hunting, the PRO Bino Harness system is built to complement any hunting style. This article will run you through everything we offer and how each item incorporates with the other as your own customized system.

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Waypoint Duffels Overview

Designed for the expedition hunter, the Waypoint Duffels are built to withstand the harshest travel conditions.

Hot Weather Hunting Gear Overview

In this overview, you’ll learn about our best clothing options that keep you comfortable, concealed, and protected in the hottest hunting conditions.

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Gila Line Overview

Keeping you cool in the hottest conditions, the Gila series of warm weather gear is purpose-built with highly breathable, odor-resistant, and cooling fabric. UPF 50+ rated, it’s the ultimate in hot-weather protection.

KUIU Kutana. Ultralight Meets Durability

The KUIU Kutana line takes revolutionary stretch-nylon fabrics and crafts them into the lightest and toughest gear ever produced.

Inside Look at Valo

When you hear a company representative review their own products, it’s met with skepticism. But at KUIU, it’s part of our mission as a company to ensure we’re staffed by hunters who are dedicated to pushing our products to the limit.

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Tiburon: Featured Innovation

KUIU's hot weather line, Tiburon, was engineered with technologies that keep hunters comfortable and cool in warm temperatures.

7 Components to the Ultimate Mountain Hunting Boot

Learn the key features and components every mountain hunting boot should have.

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Design Overview - Talus and Axis Waterproof Hybrids

Shaun Ayers discusses the advantages of using different technical fabrics in each panel of a garment, and what hunting situations call for this advanced hybridized design in the field.

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Educate Yourself About Down

International Down and Feather Laboratory, or IDFL, is one of the world's foremost authorities on testing down and other filled textile insulations. The outdoor industry throws around terms like loft, fill power, down percentage, and DWR, but what do those terms tell us? Educate yourself before purchasing so that you know what you are getting.

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