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Product Innovation

To solve their challenges, KUIU listens to trusted hunters and guides from around the world. We then design and test our gear to stand up to the toughest conditions.

Ultralight Hunting Tents

Learn about our three-season and four-season backpack hunting tent options. Engineered with external poles and a built-in rainfly, they stay dry in any condition while you pitch them.

Ultralight Hunting Shelters

Learn about our trekking-pole-pitch, single-wall, floorless hunting shelters. They’re ultralight, extremely versatile, and do a fantastic job at keeping you well protected.

3 Best Hunting Socks for Every Condition & 7 Tips for Blister Prevention

In this overview, you’ll learn about our socks, which one is best for your hunt, and tricks-of-the-trade for foot care while hunting in mountain conditions.

Which Rain Gear Is Right for You?

Learn about our four types of rain gear to suit every hunter’s needs.

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Why We Made It: Super Down Burner Parka

Learn what makes the Super Down Burner Parka a revolutionary innovation for sub-freezing hunting conditions. Brendan Burns details the hunts that inspired the development, the parka features, and the packability that defines its versatility.

Insulated Pant Comparison

When temperatures drop, and you need extra warmth going between high and low-level activity, or when you’re behind the glass and can’t move a muscle, our zip-off insulated hunting pants are the ticket. Read on to find out which one is best for how you hunt.  

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Kenai Pant Overview

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Insulated with premium water-resistant Quixdown, our 30°, 15°, & 0° sleeping bags solve the problems that traditional down bags can’t during tough mountain hunting conditions.


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Waypoint Duffels Overview

Designed for the expedition hunter, the Waypoint Duffels are built to withstand the harshest travel conditions.


In this overview, you’ll learn about our best clothing options that keep you comfortable, concealed, and protected in the hottest hunting conditions.

KUIU Layering System

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Gila Line Overview

Keeping you cool in the hottest conditions, the Gila series of warm weather gear is purpose-built with highly breathable, odor-resistant, and cooling fabric. UPF 50+ rated, it’s the ultimate in hot-weather protection.


The Kutana line takes revolutionary stretch-nylon fabrics and crafts them into the lightest and toughest gear ever produced.


From the next-to-skin base layer to the outer shell, this youth layering system will take any young hunter from hot and dry weather to colder fall hunting conditions.


From Alaska to Mexico and from Montana to Ohio, Valo has been tested and proven across North America, and it’s just getting started. For in-the-field testimonials on the effectiveness of Valo, read on to get it straight from the customers and guides that used it first.

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Tiburon: Featured Innovation

KUIU's hot weather line, Tiburon, was engineered with technologies that keep hunters comfortable and cool in warm temperatures.

7 Components to the Ultimate Mountain Hunting Boot

Learn the key features and components every mountain hunting boot should have.

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Design Overview - Talus and Axis Waterproof Hybrids

Shaun Ayers discusses the advantages of using different technical fabrics in each panel of a garment, and what hunting situations call for this advanced hybridized design in the field.

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Educate Yourself About Down

International Down and Feather Laboratory, or IDFL, is one of the world's foremost authorities on testing down and other filled textile insulations. The outdoor industry throws around terms like loft, fill power, down percentage, and DWR, but what do those terms tell us? Educate yourself before purchasing so that you know what you are getting.

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Kutana Gale Force Hooded Jacket & Pant Review

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Bow Holder Tutorial

Shaun Ayers demonstrates how to attach a Bow Holder to your pack.

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Geoff Rowley Sets Up Mountain Star 2-Person Tent

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Komatsu Fabrics Part 1

KUIU Founder Jason Hairston hosts this look Behind The Seams at the largest fabric finishing facility in Japan, in this never-before-photographed Toray factory documentaries.

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Komatsu Fabrics Part 2

Go Behind The Seams with Jason Hairston to see how KUIU’s softshell Guide fabric is made.

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Why Does Fill Power Matter?

What is fill power, and why does it matter? IDFL’s Matt Lieber reveals how a Fill Power test works with real-world tests of KUIU’s Quixdown versus a competitor, and explains why higher fill power is better for high performance and reduced weight.

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KUIU at IDFL - How to Buy Down Products

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Why Water Resistant Down?

A lot of companies claim their down is waterproof…but how waterproof is it? Matt Lieber from IDFL pulls back the curtain on the Hydrophobic Shake Test, showing a real 90-minute test pitting KUIU’s Quix Down against a competitor.

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KUIU Carbon Fiber Pack Frame Durability Test

In response to questions about the durability of the new carbon fiber ULTRA pack frame, KUIU founder Jason Hairston arranges for trial by truck.

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KUIU Insulated Glove Comparison

Learn about the key features and materials that go into KUIU’s insulated cold weather hunting gloves that keep you warm, dry, and protected.

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KUIU PRO Pant Review - All Season Toughness

In this video KUIU's Pedro Ampuero goes through one of his favorite all season pants. A tough but comfortable pant to be used all your round in all types of conditions.

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Hot Weather Gear Overview

In this overview, you’ll learn about our best clothing options that keep you comfortable, concealed, and protected in the hottest hunting conditions.

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Super Down Redesigned

The design improvement of Super Down ULTRA is whats at the core of what KUIU stands for, the relentless pursuit of innovation. By going back to the drawing board on our original Super Down we were able to remove 40% of the original weight.

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KUIU Training: Elevate Your Hunting Performance

Getting in shape for a hunt doesn’t come easy—you train for it. Introducing a new line-up of apparel built for those that train as hard as they hunt.

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Marui Weaving

See how Toray's Dot Air fabric from KUIU’s Tiburon products is made.

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Pro Bino Harness: An Overview

Learn about the updates we’ve made with the premier bino harness solution.

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Learn about the light and tough, PRO LT hunting packs. They're ideal for hunters who count every ounce.

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Jason Hairston runs you through how to set up your mountain Star tent in the field.

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PRO Pack Suspension: An Overview

KUIU Chief Hunting Officer Brendan Burns and Director of Product Development Shaun Ayers, give an in-depth look at the new features and enhancements built into the redesigned PRO suspension.

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PRO Pack System: Why We Made It

Durable and feature-rich, the Pro Pack line is designed to withstand the abuse of hunting.

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TAKU Bags - Are you ready to get there?

Add confidence to your travel. These water and dust resistant bags add a layer of protection to your gear.

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SCARPA Boot Factory

Jason visits the SCARPA boot factory in Asolo, Italy, to get a look at the process of making Italian mountaineering boots.

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Selecting Your Camo

With now three choices to choose from, figure out which one will work best for you on your next hunt.

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Spread Tow Carbon Fiber

Go Behind The Seams at Chomarat's manufacturing plant in South Carolina to learn how this amazing new carbon fiber is manufactured.

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Stalker 500 Overview

Jason gives a brief overview of the new Stalker 500 pack which is a dual-purpose stalking pack that is prepacked with the essential gear to keep with you while finalizing your stalk.

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Talus Hybrid Pant Development Breakdown

Shaun Ayers discusses the design philosophy, testing process, and technology behind the new Talus Hybrid Pant.

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Tec-One Nylons

Jason Hairston follows the raw fabrics through washing, dying, the color lab, printing, DWR application, and quality control.

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Zip-Off Bottoms - Super Down PRO

When the cold sets in and you scramble for your insulated pant, you don't want to have to spend the time to take your boots off. The Super Down Pro pant is fully removable with zippers down the side of both legs.

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The Feather Architect

Mr. Toshikatsu Kawada's family has been in the down business for five generations, and he has dedicated his life to creating the perfect feather. In this documentary portrait, we meet the man behind KUIU's innovative Super Down products, and catch a glimpse of his passion and absolute devotion to quality.

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