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Side of Hunter Packing Out Bull Elk on Pro Pack in Valo Camouflage

KUIU PRO Pack System – The Latest Advancements in Hunting Pack Design

If you pay attention to any of the online, social, and even campfire debates on what the best pack for hunting is, you’ll notice nearly everyone agrees to disagree. That said, there are a lot of good packs out there. But what makes the KUIU Packs special or unique?

In our relentless pursuit of innovation, we’ve made a lot of changes over the years. These updates and refinements are often overlooked because our packs have kept a similar look and they’re often decked out in the same camo patterns as our older versions. Simply put, if you compare an older generation of KUIU hunting pack, prior to the launch of our newer PRO Packs in 2019, they do not stack up to our latest and greatest designs.

Our hunting packs for deer, elk, sheep hunting have always been known for their bag-swap modularity and ranking among the lightest. With recent advancements in technology, engineering, and materials, we’re also staking claim to the most comfortable and durable.

What Has Improved on KUIU’s Hunting Pack Designs?

How Does KUIU’s Modular Pack System Work?

Not every hunt calls for the same game plan. The purpose behind a modular pack system is to have one frame and suspension with common connection points so you can swap to any size or style of KUIU bag. This system is not only extremely versatile, but also offers a value other high-end packs can’t match. You can purchase the frame, suspension, and two sizes of bags for around the same price as a competitor’s pack with only one bag.

Carbon Fiber Frame: The Weight-Bearing Backbone

The Suspension: Shoulder Straps and Waist Belt

How Do I Choose the Right Size of Backpack?

How and How Well Does It Pack Elk Quarters and Meat?

The Hunting Pack Accessories to Complete the System.

KUIU’s PRO, PRO LT and PRO Divide packs are backed with a limited lifetime warranty and only available direct to consumer from KUIU.

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