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The KUIU Waterfowl System

When we set out to build a waterfowl line-up, our design initiative wasn’t to build something to rival what was already on the market. So what were our design goals? Launch the industry’s best damn waterfowl system on our first try—with gear that performs like there is no competition. We wanted to build something better and set a new industry standard—like what we did with mountain hunting and whitetail.

It started with a clean slate and input from the most hardcore waterfowl hunters in North America. With their demands top of mind, we took our own experienced know-how and combined forces with Toray’s textile experts and the best wader manufacturer under the sun, Simms Fishing.

We engineered new materials and leveraged some of our already proven textiles and combined them with everything the waterfowler needs. The result is indeed the most well thought out skin-to-shell system on the market.

Whether you’re waist deep in a flooded river bottom, eyes up over a frozen cornfield, or braving whitecaps on a coastal shoreline—we’ve got the gear for it. We’ve been quietly testing and proving it, and it’s ready for you.

“I’ve worn through a lot of waders and I was surprised by how warm, comfortable, and durable the KUIU waders are. My favorite part is the boot design—the fit is perfect, the traction is amazing, and the mud doesn’t stick to them. I wore them with the Layering Pant, Super Down PRO pant, and only one pair of socks, and in -28F temps with a -56F wind chill, I never got cold.” - Robbie Dockter

“I really love the pocket layout. The lower shell pockets hold full boxes of shells, and the hand warmer pockets are super warm—I like how they’re raised and accessible while wearing waders. The shorter length is also a great match for use with waders. For how durable the fabric is, it’s exceptionally flexible. I used this jacket in sideways rain and I stayed bone dry.” - John English

“The Flyway Insulated Jacket stood up to cold sea duck hunts and countless long sits next to the frozen ground in layout blinds. Dexterity is important while operating a camera, loading a shotgun, and running a call, so I would have to say the Sherpa fleece-lined chest pockets were my most favored feature in this jacket. All in all, the system was a key factor in taking ‘bad weather’ out of the equation.” - Conor Olstad

“The StrongFleece 290 was my go-to last hunting season. The fleece was warm no matter what the conditions were, it’s form fitting to provide easy maneuvering in the field, and the full-zip allowed me to dump heat when necessary. In the heart of the season, I wore it every day for a 45-day streak, only taking an afternoon every once and a while to wash. It held up against the conditions, dirt, blood, and everything between. I highly recommend it no matter your pursuit.” - Conor Olstad

“They’re comfortable for the ride to wherever you’re hunting, and they layer perfectly under the HD Flex Waders or the Super Down PRO pants. You don’t even notice the stirrups while wearing them around town, but they’re a nice touch with waders on.” - Robbie Dockter

“In addition to being insanely durable, whether it’s on your back or floating beside you, your gear simply can’t get wet in this pack. The zippers are air and watertight, all the seams are welded construction, and it’s fully submersible—exactly what the hardcore waterfowl hunter needs to haul ammo, electronics, and gear for a full-day hunt.” - Shaun Ayers

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