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Two hunters stuffing rolled up dall sheep cape and head into quarter game bag for in-field sotrage and care

Game Bag Breakdown

Once you have an animal down, your work has just begun. Taking proper care of the meat is the most critical aspect of the kill. In the breakdown process, having the right game bags makes meat care a lot easier. You might often ask yourself if caring for game bags is worth it, and there is no doubt that it is. Not only does keeping game meat clean from dirt and debris, but it also keeps flies and bugs off. There has been an evolution of game bags from cheesecloth bags, canvas, and now synthetic bags throughout the years. KUIU has provided two different styles of bags: boned-out and quarter bags. Between these two bags, you will be covered for any hunt and scenario.

Purpose of Game Bags

Game bags have developed significantly over the years due to the need for something stronger, lighter, and reusable. Hunting has evolved the last few decades from flannel jackets, denim jeans, and cotton game bags. Before diving into KUIU’s game bag technology and sizing, we need to understand the purpose and need for game bags.

The number one reason to have games bags is for cleanliness. Game bags will keep your meat clean and out of the mud and dirt. This will save you time and save you from losing valuable meat during travel. Taking proper care of your meat, whether at a drop camp in Alaska or day hunting out of your truck, is crucial to have a game bag that will not rip and protect the meat.

The following reason is to protect the meat from flies and bugs. Depending on the time of year and location in the world will dictate the number of bugs. The quicker you get the meat off the animal and into game bags, the better. Once flies start staying on the meat, you will have fly larva all over the meat. The last thing you want is to have maggots all over the meat that you just worked so hard to get. The faster you get the animal broken down and the meat into bags, the better.

The last reason for game bags is the cooling of the meat. Although you don’t need game bags specifically for cooling meat, it helps keep bugs off during the process. Meat can be hung to make sure every inch of surface area has airflow at the same time instead of flipping the meat over multiple times.


Cotton game bags are very popular because they are lightweight, packable, and cheap. But many quarters have broken through these bags during the pack-out process. A game bag that is too porous, like the cotton bags, will defeat the purpose of protecting the meat from flies. Canvas bags have been used a lot, but they will be bulkier, heavier, and less efficient in cooling down meat. Also, many cotton/canvas bags are not reusable, and you have to buy bags for each hunt.


KUIU has developed two different game bags, quarter bags, and boned-out bags, to fit any hunting style you will be doing. Both bags are made with lightweight, high strength, and highly breathable nylon fabric; our game bags will protect from debris and flies while allowing the meat to cool and dry quickly. KUIU leveraged construction techniques from ultralight tent makers to improve the seams and closure points.


Boned-Out Game Bags Technology

KUIU has taken an innovative approach to boned-out meat care, leveraging construction and material choices from ultralight tent makers to improve the build and design of the KUIU Boned-Out Game Bags. Made with lightweight, high strength, and highly breathable nylon fabric, our game bags will protect from debris and flies while allowing meat to cool and dry quickly. An industry-first full-length zipper allows for easy top loading and unloading of your meat. Lightweight reflective carrying handles make it easy to transport the bags when not in your pack and provide a way to hang bagged meat for cooling.

Breakdown of Bag Sizes


KUIU Boned-Out Game Bags are available in 3 sizes to cover all game types and packing scenarios. The small bag fits perfectly in the internal lashing system of the PRO packs or lays well horizontally inside the main pack bag compartment. You can fit two Medium Narrow bags vertically inside the main pack compartment. This long narrow shape minimizes balling of the meat in the bag, fits the natural shape of backstraps, and maximizes airflow around your meat when hanging. The Large size is designed to fit perfectly in the load sling between the KUIU pack bags and frame.



There is so much time, money, and effort that you put into harvesting any animal. The last thing that you want to happen is to ruin the meat. KUIU’s game bags combine advanced construction and patterning with lightweight, breathable, and durable fabrics make the KUIU Game Bags the premier choice for in-the-field meat care. There are many ways to build your kit depending on the type of animals, size, and location.

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