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AJ Kissel wearing Valo camouflage as he drags a mature whitetail buck through the creek

AJ Kissel Whitetail Gear List

From the inside of his shop, Wisconsin native AJ Kissel breaks down his whitetail deer hunting gear list for his typical November treestand hunts. From base layers to outer layers, and from his hunting pack to the gear that goes in it, see what gets AJ through a long day of bowhunting whitetails.

Whether he’s walking in 200 yards or two miles, AJ’s layering system scales to his activity level and the outside temperature, keeping him feeling comfortable, dry, and warm. He starts the hike to his stand wearing minimal layers to avoid getting too hot with additional insulating layers and gear inside his pack. Once he’s at the stand, he adds on the necessary layers and gear to keep warm throughout the day.


Whitetail Deer Hunting Shirt, Hoodie, and Jacket

Whitetail Deer Hunting Pants

Whitetail Deer Hunting Accessories

Whitetail Hunting Gear

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