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  • KUIU has taken an entirely new approach to boned-out meat care, leveraging construction and material choices from ultralight tent makers to improve the build and design of the new KUIU Boned-Out Game Bags. Made with light weight, high strength, and extremely breathable nylon fabric, our game bags will protect from debris and flies while allowing meat to cool and dry quickly. An industry first full length zipper allows for easy top loading and unloading of your meat. Lightweight reflective carrying handles make it easy to transport the bags when not in your pack, and provide a way to hang bagged meat for cooling. High strength double needle felled seam construction and continuous seam eliminating panel construction reduce stress and potential failure points. Two reflective webbing loops on each end of the bags allow for additional attachment options. These zippered bags are extremely lightweight given the features and functionality, and can be alternatively used as a lightweight duffle to organize and store gear or food.

    KUIU Boned-Out Game Bags are available in 3 sizes to cover all game types and packing scenarios. The small bag fits perfectly in the internal lashing system of the PRO packs or lays well horizontally inside the main pack bag compartment. You can fit two Medium Narrow bags vertically inside the main pack compartment. This long narrow shape minimizes balling of the meat in the bag, fits the natural shape of backstraps, and maximizes airflow around your meat when hanging. The Large size is designed to fit perfectly in the load sling between the KUIU pack bags and frame.

    • Double needle felled seams for maximum strength
    • Carrying handles for easy transport and hanging of loaded bags
    • Fabric patterning to minimize seams at high stress points
    • Full length YKK #5 topside zipper
    • Reflective material on handles and webbing loops to help locate hanging meat at night
    • Webbing loops for attachment of KUIU removable accessory straps
    • Machine washable and reusable
    • Small 18in x 9.5in x 5.7in, 2.2 oz, 950 cu in
    • Medium Narrow 24.5in x 7.9in x 5.9in, 2.4 oz, 1100 cu in
    • Large 23.2in x 11in x 8.1in, 2.9 oz, 2000 cu in

      KUIU Boned-Out Game Bag

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      S: 2.2 oz / 62 g | M: 2.4 oz / 68 g | L: 2.9 oz 82 g

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      S: 18 x 9.5 x 5.7 in / 46 x 24 x 15 cm | M: 24.5 x 7.9 x 5.9 in / 62 x 20 x 15 cm | L: 23.2 x 11 x 8.1 / 59 x 28 x 21 cm

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      S: 950 cu in / 15.5 L | M: 1100 cu in / 18 l | L: 2000 cu in / 33 L

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      Machine washable and reusable Game Bags

    KUIU Boned-Out Game Bag | White


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