Unlimited Performance

We want no limits on the performance of our Mountain Hunting Equipment. And we knew we couldn't make equipment this innovative in a traditional retail model.

So we changed the model.

Retailers Strangle Innovation

Lower prices drive sales at retail stores. The result is that retail buyers force designers to make products with pre-determined prices in mind, limiting them to cheaper materials and design and manufacturing constraints.


We eliminated the retailer so we could innovate with absolutely no restraints. We design our products with the world’s finest materials, technologies, and manufacturers, and we bring them to you directly, with no retail markup. The result? Significantly better products at incredible prices.


Nothing to Hide

Our business model allows us to work with the world’s best ingredients. We're so proud of our technology partners that we gladly tell you exactly who they are and why they're so innovative. We want you to trust your gear when your life depends on it.

The Merino Company

The Merino Company sets the gold standard in high-performance, moisture-managing wool. Based in New Zealand, they've created NuYarn, a lower-density Merino fabric that allows lightweight garments to outperform heavier traditional yarn.


Rocket Composites

Anywhere high strength-to-weight ratios are critical, you'll find carbon fiber. We teamed up with California's Rocket Composites to introduce the world's first molded carbon fiber backpack frame. Lighter and stiffer than aluminum, carbon fiber carries more weight without adding any.



Toray, based in Osaka Japan, is unarguably the most innovative technical fabric supplier in the world. Toray leads the industry with new advanced innovations like Quix Down, Dermizax NX waterproof breathable membranes, Primeflex Spiral Yarn, Kudos DWR, and new lightweight fabric technologies.


The Results

KUIU is able to continuously push the boundaries of what is possible in weight and performance at incredible value. We have introduced more innovation to the hunting market and are growing faster than any other company in our category. We're just getting started, and are beyond excited about the future.