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KUIU Layering System

KUIU Layering System

Hot Conditions (70°F + / 21°C+)



Mild Conditions (45-70°F / 7-21°C)



*If waterproof protection is needed, add Chugach TR Rain Gear

Cold Conditions (32-45°F / 0-7°C)



*If 100% Waterproof protection is needed, wear Yukon TR or KUIU Kutana Storm Shell rain gear in place of Axis Hybrid.

Frigid Conditions (Below 32°F / 0°C)



*If waterproof protection is not necessary, Super Down PRO may be worn in place of KUIU Kutana Gale Force


Do's and Don’ts of Layering

DO: Layer an outer-layer fitted item over mid-layer fit item.

A base layer, mid-layer fleece, mid-layer insulated jacket, and an outer-layer fit rain jacket, all in the same size, will comfortably layer together.

DO: Upsize your soft-shell jackets if you plan to add multiple mid layers underneath.

DON'T: Try to wear two outer-layer fit jackets in the same size together.

An outer layer rain jacket will compress the insulation of an outer-layer fit insulated jacket, reducing its ability to keep you warm.

DON'T: Try to wear a mid-layer fit insulated jacket over an outer-layer fit soft shell jacket.

The overall fit on an insulated mid-layer jacket is designed to layer under a waterproof rain jacket or an insulated outer layer.

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