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Cold-Weather Layering Systems

Cold-Weather Layering Systems

Deciding what you’re going to wear for extreme cold-weather hunting pursuits takes serious consideration. Finding the best cold-weather layering system—that won’t weigh you down—will enhance your performance and endurance on the hunt.

In addition, hunting brings a wide range of activity levels. Even if it’s below freezing, hiking with a spiked heart rate may have you down to a base-layer top to keep comfortable. Yet in the same conditions, while stationary and glassing, layered up with an insulated jacket and pant system is required.

By leveraging the KUIU skin-to-shell layering system, you can layer up or down to keep comfortable, warm, and protected in the coldest condition and easily adapt to any activity level. Whether you’re building your system from the ground up, or fine-tuning the kit you have, in this article we’ll offer layering examples centered around our three warmest outer layers.

Weather Conditions:

Extreme Wind, Rain, Snow, Sleet. 0° to -40°F ( -17 to -40°C).

Weather Conditions:

Extreme Wind, Rain, Snow, Sleet. 32° to -40°F ( -0 to -40°C).

Weather Conditions:

Heavy Wind, Snow. 32° to 0°F (0 to -17°C).

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