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This isn’t about any 5-star ratings—though the reviews speak for themselves. These KUIU best-sellers have earned their keep by never letting you down on the hardest hunts, across a variety of temperatures, terrains, and weather conditions. We engineer each piece to adapt to whatever the hunt throws you. Tested and proven by KUIU Nation, these products come with a lifetime warranty, maximizing your investment.


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    Whether you need to stay warm or dry, these best-selling hunting jackets protect you from whatever the hunt can throw you.

  • Retail Price $299.00
    Sale Price $224.25
    25% Off - Gear Up Sale
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  • Retail Price $219.00
    Sale Price $164.25
    25% Off - Gear Up Sale
  • Pants

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    Whether it’s hot or cold, our hunting pants take an absolute beating, staying comfortable on the move or in more still moments. Built-in features like hip vents keep you cool, and waterproof paneling keeps you dry.

  • Retail Price $249.00
    Sale Price $186.75
    25% Off - Gear Up Sale
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  • Shirts & Tops

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    Our hunting base layers are designed to handle the stop-and-go exertion levels you encounter during a hunt. They wick sweat and evaporate it quickly, keeping you comfortable and focused.

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