Hunters must endure conditions that would send others home. At KUIU, we aim to help you keep hunting until you fill your tag. Born on the mountain and tested in field, our performance hunting gear is waterproof, lightweight, breathable, and durable. We design all our pieces to be used as part of a comprehensive layering system. The goal: We enable you to thrive in any condition you encounter in the field.

Let’s break down our layering system and take the guesswork out of building your kit.


There are numerous ways to layer, this temperature recommendation chart is a guideline to help determine the layers needed for the conditions you face.


Base Layers: Tops | Bottoms | Briefs

Worn next to skin, under all layers.

The next-to-skin base layer is the foundation to your layering system. With two core material options to choose from, you can’t go wrong either way. Synthetic base layers are quick drying, ultralight, durable, and perform well in humid climates. Merino wool base layers are naturally odor-resistant, provide insulation while wet, and are ideal in arid climates.

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Mid Layers: Long sleeve T-shirts | Insulated shirts | Hoodies | Uninsulated Jackets | Vests

Worn on top of base layers, and if needed under extra insulation or rain gear.

Mid layers afford you the flexibility to scale your comfort based on the hunt conditions and your activity level. We offer an array of mid layers to suit your every need. We craft our mid-layer shirts, hoodies, and jackets from the most technical and comfortable synthetic fleece, Merino, and synthetic/Merino hybrid materials on the market.

Outer Layer Insulation: Insulated Jackets | Insulated Pants

Worn over the base or mid-layer, and under rain gear in adverse conditions.

Active synthetic insulation is ideal for stop-and-go situations when breathability is a must. Natural down insulation is windproof and locks in body heat while you’re stationary.

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Outer Layer Protection: Soft Shell Jackets | Pants

Worn over base layers and insulation.

Our durable fleece-lined soft-shell jackets and pants are the first line of protection from the elements, when waterproof protection isn’t necessary. They’re breathable, wind and water resistant, and feature elastic-free high stretch fabrics for comfort. Worn over base layers in warmer conditions or over base and insulated layers in colder temperatures.

Rain Gear: Waterproof Jackets | Waterproof Pants

Worn as the outermost layer while hunting in adverse weather condition.

While our waterproof rain gear locks out wind, rain, and snow, they allow your perspiration vapor to pass through a breathable membrane, keeping you feeling dry and comfortable. Although this outer layer is quite thin, it helps trap and retain body heat.

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