Like you, we have been adapting to the changes of daily life spurred by the spread of the coronavirus, COVID-19. This page provides an overview of what we’re doing to maintain the safety of our customers, employees, and partners. We will continue to serve our customers’ hunting needs. For many of you, the ability to hunt or spend time on outdoor pursuits will help you maintain safe distances from others while serving as a respite.

Here are critical updates for you to know during this time:

  • Safe product delivery with our e-commerce business model. Because KUIU is a “direct to consumer” company, all of our products are delivered to your mailing address rather than available at retail stores. For most customers, this allows you to retrieve your items without having to interact with anyone directly. According to experts at the World Health Organization and Centers for Disease Control, the risk of infection from a package is “incredibly low.”
  • We are currently shipping new purchases and processing returns. Our warehouse is maintaining its operations at this time unless we receive any orders from authorities to shut down. The distribution facility is a large building. Staff can maintain safe distances from one another, and additional cleaning safeguards have been put in place.
  • Customer service currently open. We are maintaining customer service hours from 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. pacific, Monday through Friday, and closed Saturday and Sunday. While this is a slightly more streamlined schedule than normal, it helps us keep staff members safe. We have orchestrated a method by which these team members can take your calls from home, helping contribute to our community’s efforts to stem the spread of the virus. While they may have limited ability to handle replacement or accessory requests at this time, they will diligently document all these issues, so we can resolve them when normal operations resume.
  • Corporate functions working remotely wherever possible. To contribute to our local community’s efforts to curb the spread of COVID-19, functions at KUIU with virtual communication tools have moved to a remote work environment for this temporary period. As a company that operates its business online, we were already well-prepared from a work tool standpoint to adapt to our local community’s requests for distancing.

While we’re adjusting to these disruptions, team KUIU is still dedicated to relentless product innovation and new informative content to serve our hunting audience. You can expect to see those updates communicated on this page here and over our normal channels.