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KUIU Women’s Hunting Line-up: Tested and Proven

KUIU Women’s Hunting Line-up: Tested and Proven

One Goal in Mind

The goal with our Women’s Hunting line-up was the same as every KUIU project: Create a solution. The challenge was to build a skin-to-shell layering system for women that scales through any condition and any activity level. No matter how hot or cold, and no matter how still or active you are, protection and comfort above all else. Protecting from the outside, regulating on the inside, while staying true to the name we bear—Ultralight Hunting.

We combined already proven textiles with the fit, function, and details specific to the needs of women hunters.

It Can’t be Tested by Just Anyone.

Not only must the design and materials be the best, but it must also be tested by the best. Our women’s product testing team members were not chosen for their popularity—they were chosen due to their performance and accomplishments, year in and year out, on the toughest hunts.

The Women Product Testers

Glenda Groat- Northwest Territories

“I started guiding before KUIU was a thing—back then, I just wore jeans and cotton shirts. When KUIU started up, I started wearing it right away. It never really bugged me that it was only men’s because I felt thankful to have actual gear. My sizing isn’t too much off a men’s medium, so it wasn’t a big deal. The progression over the years of styles and sizing has constantly been getting better for me…

“While I thought it couldn’t get any better, trying on the first set of women’s gear, I knew right away it was the way forward.”

Wear Test Notes: Women’s PRO Suspension

Shayann Tompkins- British Columbia

“It’s so inspiring to see more and more women absolutely killing it in the field and on the mountain. But knowing that most of the women's hunting gear on the market today is made for light walks and sunny days is disappointing…

“It’s liberating to know that KUIU has put in that time and effort to include a women’s line that not only fits but provides what’s needed to keep us warm and dry on the mountain. I’m so thankful KUIU has made a line specifically for women that I know I can count on.”

Wear Test Notes: Women’s ULTRA Merino 145 LS Crew

Tana Grenda- Alaska

“I appreciated the values that KUIU was built on. I did not see them sponsoring illegitimate hunters, or even the really good ones. People bought the product because it was just that good, and they did not need to get it for free to use it…

“As I watched other companies sponsor hundreds of women that did not even know how to hunt, but only knew how to shoot with a camera, I became very disinterested in the women’s hunting industry. I did not want to be any part of that label…

“With the new women’s line, I have never felt more comfortable, warm, dry, and confident in miserable weather conditions. Aside from the newest benefit, the fit, I am also aligned with this company, its values, the standards it holds, and the performance of the product. There is nothing else out there that exists.”

Wear Test Notes: Women’s Attack Pant

Stephanie Lough- Alberta

“Whether I’m guiding or hunting for myself, I do a lot of horseback hunts. So having durability while staying lightweight are number one for me, and KUIU has always been just that. Since the beginning, I’ve always worn the men’s gear. I would get asked all the time on how the fit is for a woman, and it worked great for me. I have never had a piece of hunting gear that didn’t work. The biggest problem was just getting something small enough…

“Not only does the new women’s gear fit a lot better, but it has also held up awesome. It’s super versatile in that it’s both comfortable to ride and climb in. I’m very excited to FINALLY have KUIU women’s gear.”

Wear Test Notes: Chugach TR Rain Jacket and Pant

Victoria Albizuri- Spain

“I have been always a fan of how great KUIU's gear worked so having that on women’s size will be more efficient for my hunts. Also, having available the full KUIU line will help me to create a better layering system depending on the weather conditions...

“Sizing wise, I think it was very well executed. It’s comfortable, practical, and offers the knowledge of the best technical gear on the market. I think that the team got the memo on we don't want to show off, we want clothes to do their job. Since wearing KUIU, weather is never an issue, warm or cold, KUIU performs extremely well.”

Wear Test Notes: Women’s ULTRA Merino 145 Zip-off Bottom

Robyn Waldrip- Texas

“I’ve been a huge KUIU fan and have worn the men’s gear for almost 10 years. The men’s fit wasn’t the best for a woman, but nothing else has the performance of KUIU. When the product development team contacted me about being a part in their creation of a women’s line, my first thought was I hope KUIU approaches the women’s line with the same quality and performance they have put into their men’s gear. And as I hoped, KUIU knocked it out of the park.”

Wear Test Notes: Women’s Kenai Hooded Jacket

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