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Two for Two

Two for Two

Hunting Coues’ Whitetail Deer in Sonora Mexico

As I watched the cautious doe walk up to the water’s edge, I readied my bow in hopes she’d have a buck trailing behind. With my focus on the brush behind her, without warning, a giant buck stepped into view halfway between the doe and my blind.

Instantly, a surge of adrenaline shot through my body and my heart felt like it was going to beat out of my chest. I struggled to control my breathing, knowing my window of opportunity was short. I quickly drew, anchored, settled the 30-yard pin low on the buck’s chest, and cut the shot before my mind could fully process what was happening.

From the time I saw the buck step out, until the arrow zipped through him, the entire moment lasted less than five seconds. I wasn’t even sure how big this buck was, other than he looked mature, heavy, and had a lot of extra points—the kind of buck you never question taking.

Rewind to three days earlier, I was meeting up in camp with my good buddy and colleague, Kevin Wilkerson, and our trusted cameraman, Jeff Shanor. The hunt was booked with Joe Surprenant of Top Shelf Outfitters to pursue Coues deer on one of his properties in Sonora, Mexico.

Here's a gear list that would be ideal for anyone considering this type of hunt:







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