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Hunting Insights

Whether you’re heading to the Far North for a hunt of lifetime, or you’ve drawn a coveted tag in your home state, learn hunting tips from the experts at KUIU.

Silouhette of Hunter Holding Harvested Duck at Sunrise

How To Decoy Pressured Birds

Whether it’s the first of the season or the last, no haphazard effort or loose attention to detail is going to put birds in your spread. Here are some strategies to pull more ducks into your spread.

Over the Shoulder View of Hunter Wearing Proximity Hooded Insualted Jacket in Valo Camouflage Holding Harvested Whitetail Buck

Late Season Whitetails

Learn about proven tactics during the late season that are based around evening

Side of Kevin Wilkey Tuning His Bow on Work Bench
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Top-Five DIY Bow Tuning Tools & Tactics

Nearly every common tuning issue with compound bows, like an unleveled sight and poor arrow flight can be diagnosed and remedied with these tools and tactics.

Front of Hunter Wearing Valo Camouflage Kneeling Next to Recently Harvested Turkey
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Top-Five Turkey Hunting Gear Picks

Watch as KUIU’s Kevin Wilkerson explains his layering system for spring turkey hunting in variable temperatures and weather.

Kevin Wilkerson and Justin Shaffer Wearing Valo Camouflage Glassing for Coues Deer in Mexico

Two for Two

Read about Justin Shaffer’s and Kevin Wilkerson’s recent Coues deer hunt in Sonora Mexico where they both take Boone & Crockett Class bucks.

Side of Hunter Standing in Tree Stand Wearing Proximity Hooded Insualted Jacket Highlighting Removable Hood

Post Rut Strategies for Giant Whitetails

Whether you're archery or rifle hunting whitetail deer, learn about post-rut hunting tactics, strategies, and opportunities that other stages of the rut do not.

Aerial View of Whitetail Rattling Antlers Hanging in Tree

Five Tips Leading to Pre-Rut Whitetail Success

Read on to learn pre-rut tactics for harvesting a mature whitetail.

Silouhette of Hunter Hiking on Ridge

No Offseason: Hunt Preparation of Guides and Outfitters

We recently had the opportunity to sit down with three KUIU exclusive guides from our Guide and Outfitters program to discuss preseason prep.

Silhouette of man running along a street

No Offseason

A 101 for some, and a refresher to others, we’ve put together our top-five habits of getting your mind, body, and gear in mountain shape for days one through 365 of the upcoming seasons.

Side of Hunters in Verde Camouflage Glassing Elk Through Optics

6 Elk Hunting Fundamentals for a Successful Hunt

Hunting elk requires more than just having the right equipment—it requires proper planning and preparation as well. The elk hunting veterans at KUIU have compiled their best tips and tricks for a first-time elk hunt.

Kevin Wilkey demonstrates proper rifle shooting techniques for steadier shots

Get Your Hunting Rifle Steady

Learn to build a stable position and get your hunting rifle steady using gear you’re already packing.

Brendan Burns and AJ Kissel compare notes via maps on their smart phones

E-Scouting Strategies to Maximize Hunting Success

Learn how to scout online and prepare yourself for any hunt this year.

Justin shaffer in Valo camouflage staking out a Summit Star 1 person tent

Top 7 Hunting Gear Tips

Learn tips on traveling with your bow or rifle, headlamps, optics, and must-have items to keep in your pack. 

Front of Hunter Lifting in Gym Wearing Pursuit Training Shirt in Heathered Grey Color

Mountain Training – 6-day Workout

This 6-day workout will make your time on the mountain much more enjoyable and successful.

Skylined Silouhette of Whitetail Bucks

Top 5 Whitetail Deer Hunting Camo Gear Picks

The needs of a whitetail hunter are as diverse as the areas the deer call home. From Alberta to Mexico, Oregon to Maine, and throughout the heart of the Midwest, whitetail deer and all its sub-species span most of North America.

Back of Justin Shaffer in Verde Camouflage with Bow Drawn on Big Mountain Goat

Mountain Goat Hunting 101: Tips, Tactics & Gear

Sporting long shaggy coats and sleek black horns, they live in the most unforgiving territories, rightfully earning the title: Kings of the Mountain. Read on to learn more about hunting Mounting Goats.

Three hunters removing pre-packaged food from their backpacks while on top of a mountain

Food for the Hunt

For the hunts when everything you need to survive is on your back, we asked a group of experts what their favorite meals are and why.

Turkey hunter posing with two Gould's Turkeys

Gould's Turkey Hunt: the Least Known Subspecies

Gould’s can be found in plentiful populations in the mountains of northern Mexico in the states of Sonora, Chihuahua, Sinaloa, Durango, Zacatecas, Nayarit, Jalisco and Coahuila.

Rear View of Big, Velvet Mule Deer

7 Core Tips for a Successful Mule Deer Hunt

Turning up a mature mule deer buck on public land may be one of the toughest hunts out there. We sat down with expert mule deer hunting veterans, AJ Kissell and Randy Ulmer, as well as our in-house team of hunters for some mule deer hunting tips.

Back of Hunter Running On Ridge Wearing Stalker 500 Pro in Gunmetal Grey Color

Strong or Light?

Greg McHale walks us through his off-season training plan including his adventure racing past.

Mike and Cash Hairston in Vias Camouflage Glassing for Game on Mountain Top

4 Tips to Make Hunting With Kids a Success

After years of hunting and filling your own tags, now it's your turn to inspire the next generation of hunters.

Front of Hunters in Vias Camouflage Glassing Game Through Binoculars

Top 10 Binocular Tips From Industry Experts

Proper glassing technique is something that can truly improve your hunting success.

Three stone sheep skylined while walking along a ridgetop
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Brendan Burns on Selecting Sheep Hunts

In this archived live broadcast from KUIU's inaugural Mountain Academy event on June 23rd, 2018, KUIU's Brendan Burns gives a seminar summarizing the landscape of sheep hunting.

Back of Hunter Hiking With Bow Wearing Vias Camouflage in Snowy Tundra

Preparing for the Cold Weather Hunt

Perhaps nothing has changed the game for cold weather hunting than ultralight gear. Learn to leverage the advantages for your next hunt.

Close, Detailed Photo of Spring Black Bear Claws with Hunter in Background

11 Tips for Spring Bear Hunting

Spring bear season is here, so we asked our in-house bear experts for some of their best tips.

Landscape Photo of Hunters Hiking Open, Rocky Hillside

6 Tips for Better Smartphone Photography

If you're looking to photograph your entire hunt and get the most out of your smartphone camera, this is for you. Here are some simple, yet helpful tips to taking better images in-the-field with your phone.

Summit Refuge 3 Person Tent in Olive pitched while out on a sheep hunt
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Allen Bolen - How To Pitch Your Tent

Allen Bolen covers tips and tactics for setting up a floorless shelter.

Hunter seated beneath the vestibule door of his Summit Star One person tent while organizing gear and waiting out a rain storm
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Allen Bolen - Where To Pitch Your Tent

Allen Bolen covers where you should pitch your tent and have to best minimize condensation in a single wall shelter.

Brendan demonstrating how to securely strap a sheep head and cape to the top of your backpack
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Brendan Packs a Trophy

Brendan takes you through how to attach a sheep skull to your pack.

Jason Hairston speaking on stage during the 2018 Mountain Academy event
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How To Get Water on a Sheep Hunt

Hydration is crucial for any hunt, but you also need to make sure you are drinking clean water or your hunt may have to end early. See how Jason and his guides stay hydrated while chasing sheep where water is scarce.

Brendan kneeling next to a Stone Sheep ram and demonstrating how to judge and age a mature ram
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How To Judge a Ram

Brendan give a quick in field tutorial on how to field judge a ram for size and age.

Two hunters in vias camo traversing a rocky spine as the sunlight shines an orange glow upon them
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Jason Hairston on Preparing for a Sheep Hunt

In this archived live broadcast from KUIU's inaugural Mountain Academy event on June 23rd, 2018, KUIU founder Jason Hairston gives a seminar on preparing for a sheep hunt.

Two hunters in verde camouflage sitting on a ridge and looking for game through optics mounted to tripods
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Jay Scott On Glassing and Optics

In this archived live broadcast from KUIU's inaugural Mountain Academy event on June 23rd, 2018, Jay Scott gives a seminar on improving your glassing technique.

Turkey Hunter

Top 12 Turkey Hunting Gear Picks for the Active Hunter

If you're looking for the best turkey hunting camo clothing and gear to use this season, look no further than this comprehensive guide from the experts at KUIU.

Demonstrator showing how to attach the Platypus 3L Bladder to a pack load hauler
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Platypus Bladder - Full tutorial

Here is a quick tutorial on where to put your water bladder in KUIU's pack systems and accessories.

Father and Sons in Verde Camouflage Carrying Turkey Out After Successful Hunt

13 Tips & Tactics for Better Spring Turkey Hunting

Learn about Jay Scott's relentless turkey hunting process and what it takes to get birds on the ground.

SFS Bow Kit in Verde Camouflage on Hoyt Bow with Hunter Glassing in Background

Ten Tips for Mountain Proofing Your Hunting Bow

Learn the extra measures you can take to ensure your hunting bow never lets you down.

Two adult and one youth hunter all wearing Vias camouflage as they use binoculars to glass for animals
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The Hunting Tradition

There are so many milestones across the hunter’s life. As the hunting season winds down and the holidays kick off, we at KUIU thought it was the perfect time to take a moment to reflect on what inspires us to get outside throughout the year.

Side of Hunter in Valo Camouflage on Mountain in Mexico Glassing Game Below

Top Off-Season Hunts

Instead of counting down days until fall, take advantage of these opportunities to hunt year-round with options to fit every budget and skillset.

Hunter in Vias Camouflage Notching His California Sheep Tag

Western States Hunt Application 101

If you’ve ever dreamed of hunting western big game, it’s possible without breaking the bank. Learn the application processes, the points game, and the online resources that will get you on your next hunt.

Back of Hunter in Valo Camouflage Packing Out Mule Deer Sheds

7 Tips for Shed Antler Hunting in Mountain Regions

Front of Brendan Burns in Verde Camouflage Organizing Gear Before Hunt

Proper Hunting Pack Organization

Five tips on how to organize your hunting pack for optimal weight distribution, comfort, and balance.

Demonstration of leg zipper function for zip-off base layer bottom
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Zip-Off Bottoms - Base Layers

Front of Big, Velvet Whitetail Buck

Top-5 Pre-Game Whitetail Deer Hunting Tips 

Read on to get the pre-season scouting and set-up tactics to avoid the hard lessons whitetails serve up regularly.

Front, Angled View of Hunter Wearing Valo Camouflage Holding Whitetail Buck

Pre-Season Whitetail Deer Hunting Prep

Harvesting mature whitetails consistently requires a method of planning and preparation throughout the entire year—leaving no stone unturned. Read on to learn more.

Close View of KUIU Platypus 3L Hoser

Best Water Filtration, Treatment, & Purification Methods for Back Country Hunting

Taking the time to treat your water in the back country or on any hunt is vital to maintaining your health. Learn about the proven methods in this article.

Greg McHale in Valo Camouflage looking through binoculars for dall sheep while seated next to orange and gunmetal Mountain Star 2 Person tent

Nutrition for Mountain Hunting – Eating on the Go

Learn about Greg McHale’s high-energy, healthy, and packable snacks that keep him fueled.

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