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KUIU Conservation Direct Nevada - KCD3


KUIU’s Conservation Direct teams up with Nevada Department of Wildlife and Fraternity of the Desert Bighorn.

“Nevada is suitable for all wildlife, the only limited factor is water” – Sam Hughes (Nevada, Southern Region Wildlife Biologist)

A project years in the making, KUIU was able to partner with these top-notch organizations to complete a project that will last for generations. Named in honor of the father, mentor, and hunter who lived life to the fullest on the mountains of Nevada, Robert W. Perchetti.

The goal of this specific project was to complete a 11,500-gallon artificial water catchment system in a remote location in the San Antonio Mountains to benefit the wildlife of the area, focused on desert bighorns.


30+ volunteers were flown into the area early in the morning and began working in multiple teams to accomplish one large goal.

Water Catch

To collect the water, the rain and snow must be able to land and be contained. The 80’x40’ sheet metal “apron” serves as the water catch. As the water hits the apron, it then flows down to the large gutter, which is connected through a pipeline down to the containers.

Water Containment

11,500 gallons of water can be held in the 5 large containers. All the containers are connected through a pipeline and hold water at the same level. Since all containers are filled to the same level, it allows the drinker to be full no matter each individual tank level.


This metal structure must be level and placed at a slightly different elevation than the containment tanks. With bars providing footing for the wildlife, animals can remain stable while using the drinker, and rocks give a natural feel to the sturdy drinker.


Fencing at the drinker is imperative due to the wild horse population in Nevada, this will ensure that horses are not able to destroy or consume all the gathered water in the area.

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