Turkey populations are expanding throughout the country

Turkeys now inhabit everywhere from valley river bottoms to vast expanses of mountain forest. Depending on the location, turkey hunts can range from busting through brush and wading rivers, to something resembling a full mountain hunt, with miles covered and thousands of feet of elevation gain. Just like in big game hunting, you may have to move fast and then sit for hours.

For most turkey hunting applications, having a system of clothing with good stretch, moisture management, and durability will keep you comfortable and focused on the hunt. Here’s our list of the must-have hunting gear and clothes for the serious turkey hunter.


The Best Turkey Hunting Camo: Valo, Verde, or Vias?

Turkeys see in full color, so head to toe camouflage is more important for turkey hunting than any other hunting pursuit.

Best Spring Early Season Camo: Valo

VALO is the top choice before the spring greens up. Its muted tones and lower contrast patterning disappear into the dormant hardwoods and understory, making it perfect for early season turkey hunting.

Best Camo for the Woods: Verde

VERDE (Spanish for green) is a great match for the spring woods. The green color matches new foliage while greys blend in well with trees. The high-contrast breakup pattern works well in the shadowed light of the spring woods.

Best Fall Hunting Season or Dry Region Camo: Vias

VIAS is a great match for dry arid regions and areas before the spring-green foliage comes through. The tan, grey, and brown colors match rocky open terrain, dead foliage, and blends in well with the grey bark on trees. Like Verde, its high-contrast pattern works well to break up your outline.

Learn more about selecting the perfect turkey camo with our Camo Pattern Selection Guide.


KUIU Layering System

Regardless of what species or animal you’re hunting, KUIU’s approach to hunting apparel centers around a technical layering system, and turkeys are no exception. The layering system enhances your performance in the field by scaling your layers up or down during low or high-levels of activity.

Our entire layering system is built to compliment how you hunt and withstand the elements you're faced with and can be summed up in three parts: A next-to-skin base layer, mid-layer insulation, and outer-layer protection. The combination of the three allows you to adapt to any style of turkey hunting. It’s an entire system built to compliment how you hunt and withstand the elements you’re faced with.

Learn all the details about our high-tech layer system with the KUIU Layering System Guide.



Base & Mid Layers

1. Best Base Layers: Peloton 118 Base Layers

These base layers are ideal for the colder temps in the early season or as an outer layer if it gets hot. The Peloton 118 lineup is durable, lightweight, and dries quick if it gets wet. Available in short and long sleeve T's, briefs, and bottoms that zip off without having to remove your pants or boots.

2. Best Mid-Layers: StrongFleece Hybrid 210 or 260 Mid-Layer

Your mid layers are worn under an outer shell or rain gear to provide insulation/added warmth in cold conditions. Or, worn on top of a base layer for cool temperatures. The StrongFleece lineup is durable and water resistant, making it ideal for variable spring turkey season weather.

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3. Best Waterproof Pant for Rainy Hunts: Talus Hybrid Pant

Veteran turkey hunters know the benefits of hunting before, during and after stormy weather conditions. The Talus Hybrid Pant features waterproof paneling across the seat and from the knees down. These features allow you to walk through wet grass and brush and set up quickly and sit anywhere without getting soaked.

4. Best Warm Weather Pant: Attack Pant

For a warm or dry weather alternative, the Attack Pant is a top choice. Its 4-way stretch adds comfort and mobility, while the durable Primeflex fabric takes on brush and difficult terrain with ease.

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Outer Layers

Outer Layers

5. Best Cold Weather Outer Layers: Kenai Vest & Guide Jacket Combo

This combo is ideal for its versatility in colder conditions—it will keep you warm on frozen mornings yet remain breathable and durable while walking to and from calling locations. The Kenai Vest traps heat around your core while the Guide Soft Shell Jacket provides more insulation and protection from wind, light rain, cold.

6. Best Rain Jacket: Kutana Storm Shell Rain Jacket

For those rainy days when a soft shell won’t be enough—lightweight and durable rain gear is a must. The Kutana Storm Shell Rain Jacket features a 3-layer fabric that’s breathable, waterproof, and durable. It’s light enough to go in a pack, but durable enough to handle busting through brush.

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7. Best Day Packs: PRO 1850 or PRO 2300 Day Packs

For running-and-gunning turkeys, the PRO 1850 or PRO 2300 are ideal for packing your essentials. They both offer ample organization for calls, gear, food, hydration, and extra clothes. The pack gun holder or bow holder attach to the pack and make carrying your weapon a cinch.

8. Best Extra Capacity Pack: PRO 7800 Pack

If you’re packing a lot of turkey gear, especially a blind, look to the PRO 7800 pack. It’s large enough with the extra shroud capacity to carry full body and partial strut decoys. It offers easy bow or gun carry, plenty of extra pockets for turkey calls and blind materials. The lid is also removable for a more streamlined configuration.

All our PRO Packs feature a load sling design, full pop up blinds can fit between the frame and pack bag, extending both above and below the pack bag.

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Keeping concealed is vital to a successful wild turkey hunt.

9. Best Shooting Glove: StrongFleece 220 Gloves

The StrongFleece 220 Gloves are durable, water resistant and can be easily worn while shooting.

10. Best Cold Weather Headwear: ULTRA Merino Balaclava

The ULTRA Merino Balaclava is a great for concealment and added warmth.

11. Best Lightweight Headwear: KUIU Air Mesh Flexfit Cap

The KUIU Air Mesh Flexfit Cap is a great lightweight and breathable option with minimal logos.

12. Best Binocular Protection: PRO Bino Harness

The PRO Bino Harness protects and conceals your binoculars, and doubles as storage for carrying turkey calls and other accessories.

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