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Ten for Ten


Innovation Never Rests. Over the past 10 years, KUIU has changed the way we look at hunting gear. Before we dive into the Ten for Ten products that got us here, it’s fitting that we look back to the very beginning.

KUIU’s founder, Jason Hairston got into the business of hunting gear because he couldn’t find the performance products he wanted for his style of hunting. He needed gear specifically built for extreme mountain conditions.

In 2005, he created the technical apparel and gear category for hunting. But since those products were sold in stores, with a high retail markup, he was limited to sourcing lower-quality materials. He wanted to develop new products with the most sophisticated technology and materials available, but they’d be too expensive sold through traditional retail.

After his first business sold in 2009, he took everything he learned and started KUIU Ultralight Hunting. Established in 2011, he built KUIU to innovate with the finest materials in the world, surmount the shortcomings of traditional retail, and sell it straight to you at a lower price.

So, on our 10th anniversary, we celebrate our Ten for Ten: The ten innovations over the last ten years that have fundamentally transformed the way people approach hunting to maximize their potential in the field. Here’s to the products that have shaped KUIU and have kept us ultralight, comfortable, and dry over the last decade.

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