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Modular hunting binocular harness on a bed of pine needles.

PRO Bino System Overview


Whether you’re archery or rifle hunting, the PRO Bino Harness system is built to complement any hunting style. From a rangefinder holder to additional ammo storage, we offer a range of accessories and items that allow you to customize your setup. This article will run you through everything we offer and how each item incorporates with the other as your own customized system.




When we set out to design the PRO Bino Harness, the punch list was long, but we nailed every requirement.




PRO Hydration Rig

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2900+ customer reviews.

The PRO Hydration Rig is built specifically for the PRO Bino Harness and Platypus 3L Hoser hydration system—all together, they make the perfect kit for a stalk, hike, or glassing session when only optics, hydration, and minimal gear are needed. The Rig easily connects to your Bino Harness and when it’s not in use, it easily stows in your backpack.

Accessory Pocket

The Accessory Pocket is perfect for storing small items that are needed on your body at all times. The pocket is located directly underneath the Bino Harness compartment and securely connects to the hook-and-loop patch located at the bottom. The pocket is great to store glasses, calls, electronics, a knife, fire starter, or other items that need easy access.

Rangefinder Holder 2.0

The Rangefinder Holder 2.0 will attach on either side of your bino harness, or on a belt.

Rangefinder Holder HL

Like the 2.0, the Rangefinder Holder HL, provides easy access, silent operation, and water-resistant protection for your hunting rangefinder or compact camera.

Ammo Holder Flip Pouch

The Ammo Holder Flip Pouch stows ten rounds and connects to your belt, pack belt, or bino harness.

Ammo Holder HL

The Ammo Holder HL stows six rounds underneath your bino harness.

Rangefinder Lanyard

The Rangefinder Lanyard keeps your electronics securely attached to your binocular harness or pack.

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