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Inner Circle Exclusive Content

Explore content only available for our Inner Circle members. Unlock access to conversations with industry experts to help you take your hunt to the next level.

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Desert Hunts in Rugged Terrain

Check out KUIU’s Brendan Burns, Justin Shaffer, and Kevin Wilkey as they discuss optimal gear used in Sonora, Mexico & Southwest Texas Desert hunts. Plus an in-depth review of the All-New PRO Brush Pant, designed for brush choked terrains.

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Whitetail Hunting Gear & Tactics

Check out this discussion with KUIU’s Kevin Wilkerson, Kevin Wilkey, and Joe Sir as they talk about whitetail hunting tips and tactics, plus an in-depth review of Proximity, our newest gear designed for close-encounter situations.

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Tips & Tricks for in-field Meat & Cape Care

Check out this discussion with KUIU's Justin Shaffer and Owner of Nevada Taxidermy, Wayne Comstock, as they talk through the best tips and tricks for proper in-field meat and cape care.

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Base Layer Discussion with the KUIU Team

Check out this discussion with KUIU's Brendan Burns, Shaun Ayers, and Kevin Wilkey as they take a deep dive into our base layer options, including the all-new ULTRA Merino 120 LT collection.

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Built for Hunters. Engineered for Women.

In this Inner Circle Live Event, listen in as special guests discuss the all-new women’s collection and answer Inner Circle member’s questions.

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Bowhunting Tips & Tactics

In this Inner Circle LIVE event we talk about archery and bowhunting with Frank Sanders from Alaska Trophy Outfitters, along with KUIU's Brendan Burns and Kevin Wilkey.

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Off-Season Hunting with E.J. Varos and Justin Shaffer

In this Inner Circle LIVE event as we talk with KUIU's Justin Shaffer and wildlife biologist and manager of BSR Ranch E.J. Varos about off-season hunting opportunities within the U.S. and International locations.

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Layering Strategy With Brendan Burns and Justin Shaffer

Check out a discussion with Brendan Burns and Justin Shaffer about mountain-tested layering strategies for various conditions they have encountered on hunts over the years.

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Conservation Direct's Next Project: How to Get Involved

In this Inner Circle LIVE event, we talk with Brendan Burns about KUIU's Conservation Direct program including how the program got started and upcoming projects you can get involved in.

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Inner Circle Exclusive: Ultralight Backpack Hunting

In this Inner Circle LIVE event, we talk about preparation and on-mountain strategies for ultralight backpack hunting with Allen Bolen and the KUIU team.

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Pushing the Boundaries of Purpose-built

In this special KUIU 10th Anniversary edition event, get an exclusive look into the inception story of some of your favorite KUIU product with KUIU’s product development team.

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Hot Weather Hunting With Jake Franklin

In this Inner Circle LIVE event, we talk about strategies for keeping cool while hunting in hot environments with Kika Worldwide Outfitters founder Jake Franklin and Jay Scott of Jay Scott Outdoors.

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Concealment Strategy With Jay Scott

In this Inner Circle LIVE event we discuss concealment and selecting the right camouflage pattern for different hunting environments with Jay Scott of Jay Scott Outdoors and KUIU's Shaun Ayers and Justin Shaffer.

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Grizzly and Brown Bear Hunting With Brendan and Lance

This Inner Circle LIVE event features discussions about hunting North America's dangerous bears with Lance Kronberger and Brendan Burns.

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Elevate Your Hunt With Fitness

KUIU's first Inner Circle Exclusive event featured discussions on physical fitness and how it affects your hunting performance with Greg McHale of Greg McHale's Wild Yukon.

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Best of Inner Circle LIVE 2021

Check out our favorite moments from Inner Circle LIVE events in 2021.

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