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  • KUIU's Summit Refuge Shelter is designed for mountain hunters looking for the ultimate in versatility, modularity, and a huge floor area at well under 2 lbs in trail weight.

    The Summit Refuge Floor installs into the shelter, even after setup, and provides protection for your sleeping pad and gear from water, abrasion, and dirt. The clips are attached to elastic webbing making installation easier, even when the ground is uneven and the shelter isn't conforming to its normal size. The asymmetrical shape matches the shelter; however, it's set back about 7 inches so rain dripping and splashing along the edge of the tent won't reach the floor. Two ports for the sharp ends on the trekking poles allow them to extend to the ground, giving more flexibility with setup height and eliminating damage to the floor from the poles.

    The floor can serve other uses, including as a ground cover for sleeping under the stars, or as a clean ground cloth to stage meat during field processing. If bugs or water potentially running underneath the sheter are an issue, consider the Summit Refuge Tent Body as an alternative to the floor.

    • 20D Silicone/PU Coated Micro Ripstop Nylon (1200 mm WP rating)
    • Seam taped for waterproof protection
    • Set back from the tent edge so rain won't drip or spray on to the floor
    • 2 ports with constricting closure, allows the sharp ends of the trekking pole to reach the ground, eliminating damage
    • Can be installed after the Summit Refuge Shelter has been set up.
    • Does not cover the vestibules so a stove can be used even when the floor is installed
    • Size: Length 90 in, wide end 82 in, narrow end 67 in.

      Summit Refuge 3 Person Footprint

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      8.9 oz / 162 g

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      Length: 90 in / 228 cm, width head: 82 in / 208 cm, width foot: 67 in / 170 cm

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      20D Silicone/PU Coated Micro Ripstop Nylon

    Summit Refuge 3 Person Footprint | Gunmetal


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