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  • Securely attach your rangefinder or camera to the KUIU Rangefinder Holder or any other attachment location you can think of. Two different lengths, the regular is the perfect for a rangefinder attached to your binocular harness. The long can reach from your waist belt to your eye for those that prefer a waist attached rangefinder or camera. The spiral cord extends to 500% of its recoiled size so when not in use it stays compact and out of the way.

    • Weight, 0.2 oz (4g) for regular, 0.3 oz (6g) for long
    • Regular, 5.5 in (13.9cm), extended length 18 in (45.7cm)
    • Long 7 in (17.8cm), extended length 25 in (63.5cm)
    • Attaches to webbing loops on the back of the Rangefinder Holder

      Rangefinder Lanyard

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      RG: 0.2 oz / 4 g | LG: 0.3 oz / 6 g

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      Stretch Length

      RG: 5.5-18 in / 14 -46 cm | LG: 7-25 in / 18-46 cm

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      All Bino Harnesses and Rangefinder Holders

    Rangefinder Lanyard | Stone

Pro Bino Harness Accessory Options

Keep your binoculars and rangefinder secure. Our hunting binocular harnesses and multiple accessories protect your optics and gear from rain, snow, dust, and damage while allowing quick and easy access.


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