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  • Securely attach your rangefinder or camera to the KUIU Rangefinder Holder or any other attachment location you can think of. Two different lengths, the regular is the perfect for a rangefinder attached to your binocular harness. The long can reach from your waist belt to your eye for those that prefer a waist attached rangefinder or camera. The spiral cord extends to 500% of its recoiled size so when not in use it stays compact and out of the way.

    • Weight, 0.2 oz (4g) for regular, 0.3 oz (6g) for long
    • Regular, 5.5 in (13.9cm), extended length 18 in (45.7cm)
    • Long 7 in (17.8cm), extended length 25 in (63.5cm)
    • Attaches to webbing loops on the back of the Rangefinder Holder

      Rangefinder Lanyard

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      RG: 0.2 oz / 4 g | LG: 0.3 oz / 6 g

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      Stretch Length

      RG: 5.5-18 in / 14 -46 cm | LG: 7-25 in / 18-46 cm

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      All Bino Harnesses and Rangefinder Holders

    Rangefinder Lanyard | Stone


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