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Front of Hunter Hiking Over Glacier Field Wearing Vias Camouflage

Welcome to KUIU

Two minutes of your time for 12 years of our experience

In 2011, KUIU Ultralight Hunting began. We ditched the idea of middlemen and retail mark up to engineer products with superior materials and sell directly to customers. As a disruptor in the industry, obsession with attention to detail drove our innovation. When it came to gear, we considered everything: weight, stretch, waterproof, windproof, durability, packability, and breathability. Materials were sourced, and in every stitch and seam, gear was made from the idea of solving the problems hunters experienced in the field.

For 12 years and counting, KUIU has been a firebrand for innovation and build quality. Be it our concealment strategy, a patented carbon fiber frame pack, or the logo itself, we are the badge of gear that doesn’t just stand up to the terrain, but to the hunters themselves. Our story may have begun in the challenges and brutal conditions of sheep hunting, but it has since become a full-stack lineup that keeps hunters in the field no matter their pursuits.

Worn by like-minded hunters of sheep, mountain goat, elk, deer, bear, and everything between; we’re here to protect your body and morale from harsh conditions and low odds, to help you accomplish the objectives of lifelong investments—and to outmatch your opponent on every pursuit. We’re here to hunt.

We are a resource for hunters by not only detailing the technology of our products, but how to train, pack, and optimize every aspect of hunt.
“We got our start by asking a few thousand hunters for their thoughts.”

“We got our start by asking a few thousand hunters for their thoughts.”

Obsessive consideration and brutal field testing by Guides & Outfitters produce a product that isn’t just good on “as planned” hunts, but in the real, unforeseen scenarios. That’s the reality that every hunter knows and loves: learning is never done.


“The reviews speak for themselves. From the desert floor to the high alpine, our gear earns its keep with the KUIU Nation by never letting down on the hardest hunts.”

“KUIU creates technical gear that's engineered to overcome the most challenging obstacles.”

“KUIU creates technical gear that's engineered to overcome the most challenging obstacles.”

Whether it’s a pack or a pair of pants, an experience or something we make 10 years from now.

Conservation Direct
“We are transforming the practice of conservation from a “donate now” button to a “do now” movement.”
Front, Angled View of Hunter Glassing Game from Scree Covered Slope Wearing Vias Camouflage
“I wanted to create a brand that stood for uncompromised quality and performance.”

— Jason Hairston
KUIU Founder
Inner Circle

Inner Circle

KUIU was founded to serve a community of passionate, performance-driven hunters with gear that takes their hunts to the next level. The Inner Circle was created to give back to customers who support our mission by rewarding them for their purchases and offering unique perks like exclusive access to expert advice, shopping new products first, and early sale notices. 

Selecting your Camo

Concealment Strategy

Breaking up the human outline across a diverse landscape is critically important for rifle hunters, bow hunters, or other outdoor activities where you want to get as close to an animal as you can without being spotted.

During a stalk, you often need to go within full view of an animal—through clearings between sections of cover—and our camouflage will help you go undetected both at close and longer contact ranges.

Concealment Strategy

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