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Guide PRO Series: Hunt from ahead Guide PRO Series: Hunt from ahead
Tech Talk

Guide PRO Designer's Perspective

Listen in as KUIU’s Matt Snyder and Kevin Wilkey discuss the development and testing that went into the all-new Guide PRO Series of soft-shell hunting clothes for men and women. They talk about their personal experiences with the gear and how it’s the leading edge in soft-shell performance.

Built for the Mountain

“The Guide Series is one of the first products we offered when we launched KUIU in 2011, with most first-produced Guide pieces still in use today. Through our Relentless Pursuit of Innovation, we developed a new material worthy of the PRO badge. The new fabric combined with a fine-tuned design will make believers out of those who claim they don’t like soft shells. We’re excited to expand the Guide’s legacy with the all-new Guide PRO.”

- Brendan Burns

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