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Noso Patch Hunting Gear Repair

Noso Patch Hunting Gear Repair

Fall hunts are right around the corner and now is the time to service your gear ensuring it’s in tip-top shape. In this overview you’ll learn about the KUIU Noso® Patches. We partnered with Noso because they’re the best in the business. We’ve extensively tested every clothing repair patch under the sun, and they’re the winners.

The best way to repair holes and tears in your ultralight hunting gear.


If you’ve ever pushed your hunting gear too far, you’re not alone. Accidents happen and we have a slick way of getting you back in the hunt. Our gear is backed with a lifetime warranty that covers manufacturer workmanship defects; however, barbed wire, sharp rocks, stiff limbs, and unexpected falls can force any fabric beyond its limit.

We’ve partnered with Noso to create a simple patch solution that doesn’t require needle and thread. These stick-on repair patches for hunting and outdoor gear are ideal for snags, tears, burns, and holes that fit inside a 3.5 x 3.5” square. 

Noso patches are waterproof, durable, lightweight, and flexible. They’re ideal for repairing synthetic fabrics like those in rain gear, soft shells, ultralight puffies, packs, tents, sleeping bags, and stuff sacks. 



PREP: Clean damage area with Isopropyl alcohol and remove any loose threads.

APPLY: Crack and peel paper release liner. Center patch over damaged area and apply pressure from center out to edges.

PERMANENT APPLICATION: Tumble dry low for 10 minutes, then press with moderate pressure in circular motion for 30 seconds.

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