Keep your binoculars safe from the elements with this fully-enclosed bino harness. It features a moldable case opening (Patent Pending) that conforms to your bino’s profile, with an overlapped forward-folding lid for quiet one-hand operation. Bino straps clip into the primary harness to comfortably keep the case in position while glassing.

• L: 11.8 oz (335 gm) | XL: 13.4 oz (380 gm)
• Silent one-hand operation
• Moldable opening for custom bino fit
• TORAY waterproof fleece-lined fabric

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Product Overview

Drawing inspiration from the original KUIU Bino Harness and our demand for relentless innovation, the new full-featured PRO Bino Harness is built for full binocular protection and ease of use. We incorporated a fully enclosed lid, so your optics get zero exposure to rain, snow, dust and debris. The lid may be quietly opened or closed with one-hand operation, thanks to the fleece-lined fabric and the moldable case opening (Patent Pending) that forms to the exact profile of your binoculars.

The primary harness straps connect directly to the case on the top and sides, while secondary straps connect to your binos—this allows the pouch to stay comfortably in place while glassing or while the binos are detached from the rigging for tripod use. The harness is comfortable, stays in position and may be worn more loosely than the original KUIU Bino Harness.

The next-to-body fabric is constructed of a highly breathable and durable spacer air mesh. The outer facing fabric is built from a TORAY three-layer laminated fabric that’s durable, waterproof and quiet—the same material used for Kutana Storm Shell rain gear.

The PRO Bino Harness is available in two sizes to accommodate a broad range of binocular sizes and brands. Included are three lightweight stackable foam shims that insert into the bottom of the case to position your optics to the perfect height.

The PRO Bino Harness is Hydration Rig compatible. It’s the perfect combo for closing the gap on a stalk or hikes when only binos, hydration and minimal gear are needed.

• Size L: (L) 6.69 in x (W) 5.9 in x (D) 2.7 in (17 cm x 15 cm x 7 cm)
• Size XL: (L) 7.87 in x (W) 5.9 in x (D) 3.34 in (20 cm x 15 cm x 8.5 cm)
• Two side accessory pockets
• Overlapped forward-folding lid
• Zippered front pocket
• Fleece-lined
• Spacer air mesh next-to-body lining
• Anti-odor treatment on chest and back panels
• Internal foam shims for optimal bino height
• Adjustable-cinch lid
• Compatible with KUIU bino harness accessories
• Hook-and-loop bottom accessory attachment panel
• K-DWR treated
• Pro Hydration Rig compatible (sold separately)

Size Guide
• L- Binocular height 6.75” or less (fits most 10x42 and smaller binoculars)
• XL- Binocular height 6.75-8” (fits most 10x50, 12x50, 15x56 and rangefinding binoculars)

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