The Hunting Tradition

At KUIU, the hunting tradition runs deep. Your hunting traditions may trace back generations or they may come from a stroke of good luck you cherished just last season. Each tradition is as unique as the hunters that enjoy them, but the desire to share them is a common bond. It connects us to the past and guides us towards the future.


We recently asked #KUIUNation to share what hunting means to you. And we were blown away by the photos and stories you submitted. We saw a common bond across your stories, that the hunting tradition runs deep.



The holidays offer the hunting community a reminder of what the sport means to each one of us. Despite the challenges we face or the differences we may have with friends and family throughout the year, hunting is the constant that binds us together. This holiday season, we encourage KUIU Nation to celebrate the tradition with the people who matter most. Tell your favorite story and connect with the generations that came before and after you.