StrongWool Hybrid Crew Sock

Leveraging the absorption and insulating properties of wool, and the wicking and evaporating properties of synthetic polypropylene, StrongWool absorbs and draws moisture away from your skin.


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StrongWool Hybrid Crew Sock
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Your feet can produce over one pint of perspiration per day, and we’ve developed a sock that does something about it. This hybrid design leverages the inherent properties of wool and synthetic polypropylene and positions them so capillary action draws moisture away from your feet and out the top of the sock.

Wool naturally absorbs moisture, but it’s not the best at letting it go. Wool insulates while it’s wet, though once wet, it doesn’t dry as quickly as a synthetic. Wool is also odor-resistant.

Synthetic materials like polypropylene are great at wicking and releasing moisture, but not so great at absorbing it. That’s why 100% synthetic socks often leave your toes feeling damp and clammy.

We’ve leveraged the positive inherent properties of wool and synthetic materials and built our first true hybrid sock. We’ve positioned 100% wool padding in the areas your feet sweat the most—toe box, heel, top of foot, and ankle. Since these sections are woven with 100% wool and not blended materials, absorption is not inhibited.

The midfoot and upper are built from synthetic polypropylene to wick and move the moisture away from the wool padding, and evaporative it through the upper.

StrongWool limits foot slippage within the boot, keeping blisters from forming and foot movement to a minimum. The result is a durable, hardwearing sock with enhanced dry times. Ideal for sweaty feet or hunting in wet conditions.

Testers noted the socks gained comfort after washing and wearing 1-2 times. If you’re sensitive to a traditional wool feel, consider our ULTRA Merino Crew or ULTRA Merino Over-the-Calf sock.

  • StrongWool at all padded sections
  • Polypropylene midfoot and upper
  • Paladin™ Protection Pad protects the top of the foot, relieves pressure and promotes blood flow
  • Elasticated arch locks sock onto foot, eliminates bunching, and reduces blisters
  • Achilles cushioning and strategic padding promote shock absorption
  • Right and left foot construction for an anatomical fit
  • Seamless toe closure allows ridge-free comfort
  • Strategic design and padding
  • 2.1 oz per pair
  • Hybrid design- moisture wicking and transferring construction
  • StrongWool on all padded sections
  • Polypropylene synthetic midfoot and upper
  • Odor-resistant wool, plus Polygiene odor-resistant treatment
  • Superb durability