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Colorado Archery Mule Deer

Shaun Ayers
Hunters Expectation: I’ve hunted Mule Deer with a bow for many years, but this draw hunt is unique. It is roughly a 20-hour drive from home, and I am going solo. With no boots on the ground scouting, I will need to verify my Google Earth research. Staying mobile, keeping camp on my back, and hunting until I find a buck. I will be packed as light as possible with three days’ worth of food for each trip out. The rough terrain, weather, beautiful views, and big deer make this one of my favorite hunts of all time.



    Expected Weather & Terrain: With the high elevation and weather, I plan for 25-55 degree temperatures and regular thunderstorm activity, with the potential for high wind and snow. This unit has some of the highest mountains in North America and is extremely rough terrain. I am prioritizing a light weight system geared towards wet and cool weather.

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