Super Down PRO Hooded Jacket

When the temperature drops and warmth becomes more about survival than comfort, more down is necessary. Throw this jacket on over the top of all your layers when sitting to glass or climbing into a stand. Stuffed with 5 oz of water resistant Quixdown to trap as much heat as possible, and a durable 30D outer fabric to protect this vital insulation piece.

• 13.4 oz
• Down & Fabric treated with DWR
• 5 oz of Premium 850+FP Polish Goose Down
• Pit Zips for ventilation
• Outer layer cut, sized to fit over all layers

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SKU # 50018
  • lifetime warranty on all our gear

Product Overview


The Super Down Pro Hooded Jacket is built for extremely cold situations. Packed with 5 oz of Toray’s water resistant Quixdown, this is the warmest insulation piece we have come out with to-date. Sized like our Rain Gear, this jacket is cut to fit over the top of all your layers except your hardshell. Although it is designed to keep the heat in, we constructed it with pit-zips to help regulate your body heat, but while closed the zipper is backed with an insulated wind flap.

When not in use, the left hand pocket has a double sided zipper so the jacket can be stuffed into itself for efficient storage. Hook and Loop velcro on the cuffs let you adjust them to your desired tautness and to prevent any heat loss. A 2-way adjustable hood tightens to your head for a perfect fit and better visibility. Reach inside both hand pocket to find the end of the waist cinch cord so that it can be tightened without subjecting your hands to the cold.

Our Quixdown is sourced from Poland, where an ideal climate, sustainable farming practices, and a long breeding history allows geese to produce the world’s most lofty and long-lasting insulation plumage. The high quality 850+ fill power down is then treated with a DWR so that each individual cluster is impervious to water. This allows you, the end user to never have to worry about your down coat losing its loft when subject to moisture.

• Face Fabric - 100% Nylon, 50 g/m² 30D ripstop
• Lining Fabric - 100% Nylon, 26 g/m² 12D ripstop fabric
• Left hand pocket doubles as stuff sack
• Zippered hand pockets - 2
• Zippered chest pocket - 1
• 2-way adjustable hood
• Inner Pocket hem cinch
• Hook & loop adjustable cuffs


Quixdown® by Toray

Waterproof Warmth 

Down has the highest warmth-to-weight ratio of any insulation material. The only drawback is that once wet, down stops being effective. Not anymore. Through nanotechnology, Toray Industries has created a water repellent finish for down feathers that makes each down cluster essentially waterproof. Quixdown® stays dry to keep you warmer with less weight and bulk.

Featured in our Superdown Insulation Layers, Sleeping Bags and Glassing Mitt

Technology 2

Stunner® Stretch Fabric by Toray

Lightweight, Stretchable Comfort

Toray develops a new fabric technology and KUIU brings it to Mountain Hunters first! Ultralight, down-proof Stunner Stretch fabrics stretch as you move and put a layer of luxurious comfort between you and the warm softness of KUIU’s premium Polish down. And, of course, Stunner Stretch minimizes bulk and weight.

Featured in our Superdown Products

Technology 3

Toray’s Kudos® XR DWR

Kudos® XR DWR (Durable Water-Repellent)

Kudos XR DWR performs better and lasts significantly longer than conventional DWR. DWR is critical for waterproof breathable face fabric. If DWR fails the face fabric “wets out” causing condensation build up on the inside of the garment.

Featured in all our Rain Shells, Guide Series, Tiburon Products, Chinook Products Alpine and Attack Pants

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