Extreema Bag

A heavy-duty yet lightweight duffel made from durable and water-resistant 210D UHMWPE ripstop fabric. Its doubled tear strength makes it perfect for hauling camera equipment, camping items, electronics, tripods and gear with sharp corners that would otherwise wear through bags with lighter fabrics.

• S: 1 oz | M: 4 oz | L: 5.3 oz
• Durable and water-resistant 210D Extreema fabric
• Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) Ripstop
• Multiple sizes for modular packing and storage.

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Product Overview

The durable and water resistant Extreema 210 denier fabric uses a UHMWPE ripstop to give twice the tear strength of equally weighted fabrics, making it an excellent material for a lightweight minimalist backpack. An ideal choice for transporting items with sharp corners that could wear through lighter fabrics, or for everyday use when a rigid framed backpack isn’t required.

The small size is perfect for storing electronics, camera, cell phone or other small items.

The medium size is great for packing bulkier items like tools, tree stand and trail camera accessories - gear that should be kept separate from the more delicate items in your pack.

The large size is excellent for everyday use and packing your spotting scope, tripod and camping gear.

• Small- 8.66” x 4.1” x 2.55”, 90 cu in
• Medium- 16.7” x 9.25” x 4.3”, 664 cu in
• Large- 22.2” x 11.22” x 4.7”, 1170 cu in
• Reflective 15 mm webbing straps
• Reflective webbing loops
• Durable YKK zipper