Goal Zero Flip 24 Power Bank

Flip 24 gives about two recharges on most phones and can even boost a tablet in a pinch.

• Weight: 4.6oz
• Compact 3.7”x1.6”x0.8” dimensions
• Built-in charge level indicator lights
• 5V, 2.1A max regulated output
• 6,700mAh charge longevity

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Product Overview

Lightweight, convenient, and reliable describe the Flip 24. Perfect for hunts where a phone or headlamp may need to be charged multiple times. Or, pair with a Goal Zero Nomad 5 (8-10hr charge time) or Nomad 7 (5-10hr charge time) on longer hunts… just plug it into your solar panel during the day to charge, and use the stored power to charge your devices at night.

The Flip 24 is great for all your smaller USB powered gear:
• Smartphone 2 Recharges
• POV Camera 3 Recharges
• Headlamp 2-5 Recharges
• Tablet 50% Boost