Garmin Fenix 6X Sapphire GPS Watch

Push new limits and explore new challenges — while adding mapping, music, intelligent pace planning and more to your workouts with the Fēnix 6X Sapphire.

• Weight: 3.28 oz
• Features a large 1.4” display that’s 36% larger than previous Fēnix models.
• Use topographical maps to navigate your adventures.
• Pulse Ox sensor uses light beams at your wrist to gauge how well your body is absorbing oxygen.
• Sync your favorite streaming services, and listen to music without your phone

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Product Overview

Known for its durable design and feature-rich functionality, the new Garmin fenix 6X Sapphire GPS Watch maintains its spot at the top of the running watch podium. Offering a scratch-resistant sapphire lens and rugged DLC (diamond-like carbon) frame, this watch was made to thrive in any condition so you can place your focus on the paths ahead. As with the previous fenix series, fenix 6X continues to provide all of your favorite elements such as a multisport mode for seamless triathlons, preloaded TOPO mapping, an ultra-long battery life, downloadable music, and much more.

One of the most notable updates to the fenix 6X includes an extended battery life which allows for 60 hours in GPS mode without music, 15 hours with music, or up to 120 hours in max battery mode. In addition, you also gain more insight and control over various settings that impact battery life so you can get the most out of each charge cycle. Other major additions include PacePro™ which offers real-time pacing guidance that takes into account the ascents and descents of your projected route, as well as Pulse Ox and VO2 Max for monitoring your acclimation to high altitude and heat.

Its barometric altimeter, 3-axis compass, and multi-satellite GPS provide accurate elevation data and record speed, distance, and pace. The tracking features also allow you to set custom points of interest and reverse the track log to navigate back to your starting point. As an added benefit, improved Garmin Elevate™ technology measures heart rate at the wrist, giving you the option to track heart rate data without wearing a chest strap.