Kenai ULTRA Vest

The Kenai ULTRA Vest is an ultralight core insulator suitable for day hunts or extended backpack hunts. Its 3DeFX+ synthetic insulation adds the warmth needed for active adventures in cold places when keeping your core warm is vital. The insulation is body mapped for comfortable use with a backpack.

• 8.4 oz.
• 100% Nylon, 51g Toray Stunner Stretch 30D
• 3DeFX+ synthetic insulation – 90g front
• 3DeFX+ synthetic insulation – 60g side & back
• Highly breathable
• Toray DWR

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SKU # 50027
  • lifetime warranty on all our gear

Product Overview

The ULTRA name in a KUIU product signifies a priority for streamlined design and ultralight weight. Combining industry leading fabric and hardware with Toray 3DeFX+® insulation has opened the door to a category of highly breathable insulation pieces for active use, that are perfect for high-output cold weather mountain hunting applications. The Toray 3DeFX+® synthetic insulation is the first of its kind to incorporate continuous fiber technology. The long spiral strands of fill are loftier and warmer than any other synthetic insulation on the market, and don’t require fabric coating to keep the insulation from migrating through the fabric.

The 30D Stunner Stretch nylon face fabric is strong, light, and dead quiet. Uncoated fabric and body mapped insulation allow us to make a vest that breathes at an exponentially higher rate, keeping the user dryer, warmer, and more comfortable during long climbs and extremely active use.

• Insulated mid to outer layer
• High warmth-to-weight ratio
• 2-way stretch fabric
• Quick drying
• Wind resistant
• DWR to repel water
• Zippered hand pockets
• Zippered chest pocket
• Adjustable hem
• YKK Zippers
• NYLON 66 cording
• DURAFLEX hardware


3DeFX+® by Toray

Warmth and Flexibility Intersect

Toray’s 3DeFX+® combines insulation made from coil-shaped fibers and stretch fabrics to provide unmatched warmth and freedom of movement. Its continuous fiber technology is loftier and warmer than other synthetic insulation options, and perfect when the need for extreme warmth and flexibility intersect.

Featured in our Kenai, Snap Shirt and Teton Insulated Jackets

Kudos XR DWR

Toray’s Kudos® XR DWR

Kudos® XR DWR (Durable Water-Repellent)

Kudos XR DWR performs better and lasts significantly longer than conventional DWR. DWR is critical for waterproof breathable face fabric. If DWR fails the face fabric “wets out” causing condensation build up on the inside of the garment.

Featured in all our Rain Shells, Guide Series, Tiburon Products, Chinook Products Alpine and Attack Pants

Stunner Stretch

Stunner® Stretch Fabric by Toray

Lightweight, Stretchable Comfort

Toray develops a new fabric technology and KUIU brings it to Mountain Hunters first! Ultralight, down-proof Stunner Stretch fabrics stretch as you move and put a layer of luxurious comfort between you and the warm softness of KUIU’s premium Polish down. And, of course, Stunner Stretch minimizes bulk and weight.

Featured in our Superdown Products

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